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12 Rounds Boxing are a membership boxing gym in Clapham Junction. We provide both small group and one to one boxing and fitness sessions for all levels of fitness and boxing experience. Run by a small team of expert boxing coaches, who are not only incredibly passionate about boxing and fitness but also in helping people lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. After discovering both the physical and mental benefits of boxing themselves, the 12 Rounds Team believe that this is not just a workout but an amazing way to build confidence and self esteem AND to manage stress.


 Our Ethos

We believe fitness should be fun, focused and supported. Not only will our sessions build your fitness and challenge you but they are always fun and interactive.
At 12 Rounds we believe that support and teamwork are the key to staying motivated and sustaining results. Our aim is to create a boxing community where our members feel valued and connected and part of our expanding boxing family. 12 Rounds Boxing is not just a place to workout but somewhere to feel strong, confident and happy and to grow into the best version of yourself

How we work

Our aim is to make the amazing benefits of boxing accessible to everyone from complete beginners to serious fighters looking to get in the ring. We even provide childcare to allow stay at home parents to get fit at our morning boxing fitness sessions. It is important to us that everyone learns the basics in a structured and secure environment so completion of the boxing fundamentals course is essential for those new to boxing before progressing to our more advanced membership programmes


12 Rounds Boxing is a membership gym only. All those new to boxing will need to complete our Boxing Fundamentals Programme before signing up to the membership. If you have experience you will be required to attend an assessment where we will direct you to the correct technique class.

We offer childcare on Monday, Wednesday & Friday for all sessions that run between 9:30 – 11:30am. If you require childcare, please email us on info@12roundsboxing.co.uk.


  • Completed our Boxing Fundamentals Course or have previous boxing experience?
  • Attend 2 boxing classes, any time per week
  • Classes running from 6:30am to 9.30pm
  • Great mix of technique and fitness classes including Bag Attack and Pad Attack
  • Start with our Contenders programme and progress through the levels (Skill School and Fight Skool sessions- invite only)


  • Looking for a balanced training approach?
  • Want to boost your fitness, increase muscle mass and reduce body fat?
  • Attend any 3 sessions a week from our timetable including all boxing sessions, strength and conditioning and yoga
  • Great mix of technique, strength and fitness and flexibility classes
  • Classes running from 6:30am to 9.30pm and option to attend open gym sessions


All levels
  • Any classes, anytime!
  • Flexible package for those who want to maximise their training
  • Unlimited access to all sessions
  • 15% discount on Personal Training
  • Includes sparring sessions and fight preparation


These sit outside the membership, no boxing experience is required to participate in any of the below programmes.

Boxing Fundamentals

£150/4 weeks
  • Ready to start your boxing journey?
  • This beginner level course will teach you all the basics of boxing and massively improve your fitness
  • 3 sessions per week run over a 4 week period
  • Choose from 3 different course options
  • Supportive programme suitable for all levels of fitness and ability

Fight Skool

Any Level
£450/10 weeks
  • Take on the ultimate challenge and step in to the ring with 12RB
  • Train with pro fighters and pro boxing coach
  • 10 weeks
  • 4 sessions a week
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Full support and matching

Make The Weight

Any Level
£1200/10 Weeks
  • Lose up to 2 dress sizes in our 10 week transformation programme

  • Semi-private training programme combining boxing, weight training and conditioning

  • Eat clean – Get Lean Nutrition plan

  • Mindset coaching support to overcome barriers

  • Unique programme for anyone who had ever struggled to stick to a training or weight loss programme in the past

  • Results guaranteed

Ages 9 - 15
  • Level 1 & 2 (Beginner & advanced boxing)

  • Classes cover technique, bodyweight circuits, pad & bag work drills and fun games incorporating boxing skills.

  • First session for free!

Personal Training

£600/10 session pack
  • Flexible training at time to suit you
  • Train with experienced coaches and professional fighters
  • Fast results with individual support and attention


As someone who has never been very ‘sporty’ I have always found keeping in shape a bit of a chore, with the result that I often neglected it a bit. However since I started coming to 12 Rounds Boxing Classes with Kat I have really discovered a side of myself I didn’t know about.

Practising boxing technique is very hard work, but extremely good fun. Over the last few months I have felt my fitness improve to a level that I have never managed after years slogging on the treadmill. I am also very pleased to note that I am looking a lot more toned all over – it is really a full body workout. I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually look forward to doing!

Rachel Watson

I started boxing because it’s such an intense form of exercise and I like to get the most from my time in the gym. 12 Rounds seemed like a good place to learn because I liked the social atmosphere at the gym and because John actually boxes himself, so I had a lot of faith in his advice.


I’ve noticed a lot of improvement from the PT sessions with John because John picks up on a lot of things to be improved technically; he’s also very good at pushing you to the max. and that really helps with your fitness and mental preparation for a fight. Training at 12 Rounds is tougher than gyms like Fitness First and that means you come away feeling better at the end of any session and you feel more prepared.

Brian Lavery

I first decided to go to 12 rounds as an alternative to a regular gym, as somewhere to keep fit, learn a new skill and then be able to apply that skill.

I was impressed about the inclusive nature of the gymn it’s open to everyone of all ages, fitness and skill level. Which makes for a friendly and encouraging environment. Also with small class sizes you don’t get lost in a crowd and you get individual attention from each session.

If like myself you have some goals in mind what ever they may be I recommend one on one PT is available which is what I have been doing with John Bryson. The main benefits are a tailored approach to your strengths and weakness so that you are able to get the most out of yourself and the session and the flexibility to fit around other time commitments.
I’m really happy with the results so far with the combination of class training and PT sessions I’m feeling fitter then I have been in a long time as well as more confident in and out of the gym.

Andrew Blakely

I can’t say quite how much I love training with Kat. Never before have I enjoyed exercise as much as I do these classes and I am now a complete addict. The classes are challenging, varied and fun.

The results you will see in terms of your fitness, strength, weight loss, and changes to your body shape are quicker than other forms of exercise and a real incentive to keep going.

The classes are also a fantastic way of dealing with stress. I really recommend giving it a go – you won’t regret it!

Ali Key

The Team

Kat Bryson

Kat Bryson


Hi, I am Kat, co-founder and coach at 12 Rounds.
My specialties include: Transformation coaching, nutrition coaching, boxing coaching and personal training.

Richard Keeler

Richard Keeler

K1 Pro Fighter and Boxing Coach

Hi, I’m Rich,  Boxing coach at 12 Rounds. I’m also a Pro Kick-boxer and K1 fighter
My specialties include: Muay Thai, Kick-boxing, Boxing coaching, fight preparation and personal training.

Paul Farugia

Paul Farugia


Hi, I’m Paul, Boxing Coach and personal trainer at 12 Rounds.  I have an extensive background in Martial Arts and fight MMA
My specialties include: Boxing coaching, MMA, Fight Preparation and personal training.

Kirk Garvey

Kirk Garvey


Hi, I am Kirk, and a trainer at 12 Rounds. I am an ex ABA champion and I have just turned pro.
My specialties include: Boxing coaching, fight preparation and personal training.

Emily Haddows-Mendes

Emily Haddows-Mendes

Apprentice Boxing Coach

Hi Emily, I’ve been boxing for 5 year in Exeter and I loved it so much I took the plunge to move to London and learn the ropes as an instructor.  I love everything fitness related and I’m also an artist.  You can see my boxing related paintings around 12 Rounds gym

Emma Kaufold

Emma Kaufold

Operations Manager

Hello, I’m Emma and I’m the one that puts Kat’s hair brained ideas into action!  I love organising and making things happen.  I’m also super passionate about customer service and ensuring that everyone that comes through our doors is greeted with a huge smile and made to feel welcome

Calendar and Bookings

When booking for classes please note the following rules:

  • ALL members are able to book onto general classes: Pad Attack, Bag Attack, Boxanity and Warzone
  • Heavyweight members ONLY are able to book onto: Boxers maintenance, Yoga and Strength & Conditioning
  • ALL members can only book into ONE of the skills level classes (see below). You will have been assigned to a level prior to joining the membership.


Boxing Fundamentals

Boxing Fundamentals


Level 1





Level 2





Level 3


Skills Skool

Skills Skool


Level 3


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