Make the Weight

Make the Weight  – 12 Rounds Extreme Fat Loss Programme

This is a transformational programme for people who are serious about losing weight and keeping if off AND who are looking for that extra support and guidance on training, nutrition and mindset from a team of experts.

Consistency through Connection

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. Aristotle

We believe that the journey to weight loss should be enjoyable. What you enjoy doing you will continue to do and it’s what you do consistently that leads to results. We believe that the best way to reach your goals is through connection and support and making the journey fun. That way you WANT to show up for training!

Along with structured training and nutrition guidance, this programme uses a unique mindset coaching system to help you re-wire your brain.  Ditch those habits that are keeping you fat and create new eating and lifestyle patterns that will have you looking fab and feeling fab all year round


The programme involves a structured training programme combining boxing, HIIT training drills, weight training, body weight and circuit training. Sessions are progressed week by week to progressing weight and intensity causing the body to adapt in strength and muscle mass. There are also monthly fitness tests and measurements to help you measure your progress and stay motivated

Training sessions take place in small groups of maximum of 4 people providing a supportive and encouraging environment and individual attention from coach


Make the Weight involves following a Clean Eating Approach. Over the 10 weeks you will learn how to make simple changes to your diet without giving up all the things you love. In fact many people learn they are simply not eating enough! Though a series of workshops you will receive expert guidance on how to fuel your body to maximise your fat loss results and keep the weight off. Online support includes recipes, shopping list, food prep guidance and menu ideas and support through private FB group


This programme uses a unique mindset coaching techniques based on actual neuroscience.  You’ll learn how to understand your brain and avoid reactive behaviour and emotional eating along with technique to re-programme your brain with healthier habits.  You’ll learn mindset work over 3 workshops and receive support through online fb group.


Claira’s Story 





Strength and Conditioning Coach

Simona Vavega, currently plays semi-professional rugby for the London Skolars. A fan of all sports growing up, it was rugby league where he excelled as an elite junior on scholarship with the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Following school he was contracted by the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club, where he learnt from some of the world’s best sports nutritionists and strength and conditioning and rugby coaches, while training as a full-time athlete.

He is now a qualified strength and conditioning coach, rugby coach, holds a degree in Sport Management and is REPs Level 3 qualified.

Simona helps people live happier lives by helping them build a strong body and strong mind.

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