Feeling Fat and Fed Up……

Feeling Fat and Fed Up……

It’s been a busy summer.  Between holidays, weekends away and catching up with friends and family, it’s been almost impossible to keep up my usual training routine and diet.  Another meal out and oh I really shouldn’t but go on I’ll have a desert…….and just one more glass of wine…..Any of this sound familiar?

Needless to say my clothes have been feeling somewhat tight.  The summer indulgence has definitely seen my waistline expand an inch or 2. After a particularly heavy weekend a few weeks ago I’m ashamed to say there was definite ‘wobbling’ going on

I’m  feeling  fat and fed up.  I’m actually looking forward to the holidays being over just so I can get into my routine again!

Lucky for me being a personal trainer I know exactly what to do get rid of those extra pounds.

I’ll start by prioritizing my training again. Making sure I get 3-4 quality sessions in each week with adequate rest periods in-between.

Shake up my diet starting with a 2 week detox cutting out all foods that sore fats and toxins.  Alcohol, sugar, grains and dairy (including those sneaky afternoon lattes) it has all got to go

I know that 2 weeks of this and l will go back to my usual weight and size.  A further 2 weeks and I’ll start to reduce inches….

Thankfully I then have our boxing holiday to give me a kick start.   A week of 2 x daily training sessions, fresh healthy food prepared for me everyday, not to mention the daily massages…..I’m intending to come back a new woman and not a wobble in sight!  (There’s still space for a few more if anyone wants to join me!)

Yes, that’s right one extreme to the other.  I guess I’m a kinda all or nothing person…….

If you’re feeling anything like me after the summer holidays my advice is just take the plunge and commit to an exercise program.  Sign up for any of our September boxing classes and you’ll also get a 4 week food plan designed to get you back in shape, along with weekly motivational emails.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but if you’re prepared to put the work in you will love the results

To book a program of for any further advice just contact me at kat@12roundsboxing.co.uk

Kat ‘one extreme to the other’ Bryson


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