There I was doing burpees on the beach

There I was doing burpees on the beach

Last December I really piled on the pounds..


It started with a chocolate binge on a girls weekend at the beginning of Dec and it didn’t stop until January.

I mean it. I ate chocolate everyday for a month.

I kept telling myself that I could get away with it as I train hard (how many times have I told you you can’t out train a bad diet?!) AND I would stop after Christmas, New Years resolution and all that.

After Christmas John and I went on a 10 day holiday in Costa Rica. We were meeting up with 2 of my ex clients who had moved back to the states.

So there I am all set for the beach in my bikini.

And I realized I was fat.

Ok so not obese fat but there we’re love handles that weren’t there before and lumps and bumps where I definitely didn’t want them. I was mortified.

Whats worse was my 2 ex-clients, Jamie and Lizzie looked amazing. The’d both lost weight and looked a hell of a lot better than me, the personal trainer.

Embarrassing or what?

Instead of spending the holiday relaxing, there I was doing burpees on the beach. I spent the week, trying to fit in training sessions and avoiding carbs and booze. Yeah I’m a whole lot of fun on holiday…..

Sometimes I get things back to front.

If only I’d had a bit of discipline in Dec I would have been in shape for my holiday. THEN I could have got fat on holiday like any normal person!

December is a killer, with Christmas parties, booze and so many chocolate temptations. It’s too easy to slip up and become demotivated.

So this Jan I’m going to sign myself up to a programme to lose the Christmas pudding!

I’m offering you the same thing.

This January I’m going to be running a 28 day guaranteed fat loss group programme

Here’s what you’ll get:

1.1 Goal setting session

Before and after measurements and photos

2 x Nutrition workshops telling you EXACTLY what to eat and when

Food plan + shopping list

Weekly support group where I will look at your food diary and suggest changes/improvements and take measurements

Unlimited email support from me

Cost = £97

If you follow this programme I guarantee you WILL get results or I will refund you every penny!

Stay tuned for booking details or contact kat@12roundsboxing.co.uk to find out more

Kat (staying off the choc this December) Bryson


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