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Mondays Food Diary

6.30am Breakfast: Early start today.  Grilled some bacon on George Foreman and had with an avocado before running out door.  Bolied some eggs night before to take with me

10am snack: boiled egg

1pm lunch: Grilled chicked breast with spinach and cherry tomotoes and bolied egg

3pm snack: bag of mixed nuts

5.30pm dinner: Chicken breast with mushrooms and courgette cooked in butter

9pm cup of tea and more cashew nuts!

Slightly boring I’m afraid.  I need you all to post recipe ideas and give me some inspiration!


Nutrition Course

Well done all of you who have taken the plunge and joined our nutrition course this month!  Under the supervision of our Nutritionist Anna Marsh we will all be aiming to cut out sugar and lower our carbohydrate intake to make our bodies more insulin sensitive, meaning less fat storage!

To help you with meal ideas (and to keep myself in check!) I will be posting my own food diary over the next few weeks which Anna will critique.  For my sins, I have volunteered to forfit 10 burpees for every slip up!

Here’s day 1


9am: organic coffee with cream

Sunday is my big training day so need some good nutritious food to get me through it!

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms.  2 slices organic bacon

Handful of nuts

Training 12-3pm

Someone brought in a large box of cakes after training, can you believe it! Managed to resist and instead had a carton of coconut water, bag of mixed nuts and 2 bananas as a post training snack.

Ideally I should have eaten a proper meal including some protein after a hard training session!

6pm Dinner: Roast lamb with spinach and courgette cooked in butter

As always after dinner I am craving something sweet.  Usually I would have some dark chocolate but I cannot be trusted not to finish the bar these days! Instead I opted for a cup of tea and several teaspoons of cashew nut butter.  Probably slightly excessive with the cashew nut butter, did I mention I there’s only half the jar left?  It was a really small jar!

Could be a lot of burpees for me this Friday!


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