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Stuck in a room with a bipolar dude, a geek and the UK’s highest paid personal trainer….

That’s how I spent my weekend

What's the result? 
Passion re-ignited. 
My mind had been totally blown away
Most of you know I've been at an event this weekend.
Here's what usually happens when I go on training course. 
I take in a lot of information, I realize there's so much 
more I don't know. I come back with a pile of notes (that 
I can't read) and then I think I need to go on another 
course to make sense of what I've just learned.
This is different 
I've learned to fall on love with my business all over again. 
I've learned what I'm good at. What inspires me. And I've 
learned a hell of a lot of things I've been doing wrong. 
One thing I've learned is that there's so much more I 
could be doing to help you all....
that's why I got into this business, to help people right? 
I've been so busy posting pictures of my food and telling 
you what I ate for breakfast...
Sending out surveys last week helped me get to know what 
your looking for. (Thanks to everyone who replied by the 
way, keep them coming!) 
The main answer I got was motivation
So things are going to change.
I've set myself a 30 day challenge. 
For the whole of November I'm going to send you an email 
every day. 
Every day I'm going to ask you to do just one thing that 
will help contribute to your health and fitness goals.....
One thing that will take you less than 10 mins
Then I'm going to tell you one thing that you didn't know
 about me (you want some entertainment too right?)
Believe me it's going to get interesting. 
You might even be a bit shocked
Cos most of you guys only know Kat the personal trainer. 
Do you think I started off eating spinach for breakfast? 
That's the message I want to get across. 
Results very rarely come overnight but most of us give up
 within weeks. 
It's taken me 5 years to get to where I am today! 
(And I'm still not perfect) 
5 years of trial and error and getting it wrong A LOT! 
But through my experience I can help you get results a lot 
I can't wait to get started
Kat (the skeletons are coming out the closet) Bryson

Why Wednesdays not my favourite day…..

It’s Wednesday and I’m grumpy again.
Now most of you Monday haters will be asking ‘what’s wrong with Wednesday? It’s halfway to the weekend….
My husband John and I train with our boxing coach at 7.30pm on Wed evenings. I HATE training in the evening. Its the only time our coach can see us so this is our slot.
This is how a typical Wed goes. I am grumpy + tired. I’m annoyed that I have to train tonight. I have a ton of admin work to do. I want to stay home, have a cup of tea + get it done.
But I don’t.
I drag myself to the gym. I hate letting people down you see + I have a weekly arrangement with my trainer (also if I bail out John had to work twice as hard!)
I step into the gym + everything annoys me, it’s too busy, too sweaty + coach is late. I am in the WORST mood ever!
An hour and a half later I walk out of the gym a different woman.
I feel lighter, and my mood has lifted. After an hour of hitting the pads my tension is gone and I’m even smiling. I know I’ve pushed myself + had a fantastic workout.
Had I stayed on the couch I would have beaten myself up for not training + probably even eaten a chocolate bar and felt even worse. Instead the endorphin’s are flowing.
That’s what boxing does for you.
It relieves stress + makes you feel good AND gives you one if the most effective workouts ever.
So even if you don’t feel like it, get yourself out there + along to a class. You will feel so much better for it. You’ll burn a hell of a lot of calories AND you may even have fun.
Check out our October timetable at www.12roundsboxing.co.uk/timetable
If you don’t believe me, hear from the members themselves.  See a class in action as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ-VQq16aTw

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