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Bringing back the belt…

the champ

Back to London today with my husband, the new BBU Scottish heavyweight champion. Proud wife is an understatement!

On Sat 23rd November John fought Kaseem ‘The Mean’ Saleem for the Scottish Heavyweight Title

Johns result hasn’t come easy though. It’s come from almost a years worth of hard work, planning, sacrifice and patience.

Pushing himself to go and train every evening after work

Sacrificing a social life

Not quitting when the sparring gets tough.

Taking a defeat on the chin and instead of giving up coming back stronger

Staying focused on the goal

Success rarely comes easy. Yet most of us quit when we don’t get instant results.

It takes patience, perseverance and a lot of hard work

So if you’ve got a goal, start to make it more than just a dream. Be clear about what your goal is. John’s goal was specific – to bring back the belt.

Then take action, what do you need to do to achieve your goal? Write a plan and then put the work in.

Believe it and continually visualize that end result.

If you want to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose? Get a picture of how you want to look in your head and think about NOTHING else.

If you want to compete, visualize the win. Do not let any other thoughts come into your head. There can be NO other option

What is your dream?

Want it, Visualise it, Believe it

Go out there and make it happen

Kat (I want a belt now too!) Bryson


Surviving Men’s Health Survivial

rat race after the wall


I have now found a new way to celebrate birthdays.

Who would have thought running through mud, icy water and climbing ridiculously high walls could be so much fun!

This so beats getting hammered and threatening to be sick on my presents or falling out with my mate and having a screaming match on the bus…(previous birthday stories I will save for another day….)

Well done to everyone who took part in the race on Sat and especially to Harvey who came 3rd in our wave! I can’t wait to see the photos of us all on that 10ft wall (particularly the one of Caroline giving her poor supportive husband the finger as he encouraged her to smile for the camera…has to be my favorite story of the night…..)

What really made it was the camaraderie and everyone helping each other through the obstacles. No way I could have managed some of those walls on my own!

After the event all I heard were requests of when can we do the next one? (which must sound really weird to all the normal people out there!)

So I’m on the lookout for a challenge for Feb next year. Email me if you have any ideas!

John’s challenge coming up next. It’s his big fight in Scotland this Friday. I know you will all be wishing him luck. After that we are booked into a spa hotel for massages, chill out time and sleep (please!!)

There’s my tip for today. Set aside some ‘me time’

Whether it’s a massage, a treatment or just a few hours in a coffee shop with the papers or a good book. So important for de-stressing.

I’m the worst for not doing this. Will need to tell John Bryson to confiscate my ipad next weekend or I will likely be writing an email from the massage bed….

Kat (I’m a workaholic) Bryson


Tired but wired….

You may have noticed my posts have started to slide this week. To be honest my week has been a bit of a disaster. After weeks of running around at full speed, this last week I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus!

This is adrenal exhaustion.

For the last 3 or 4 weeks I was buzzing around with so much energy. I hardly slept more than 6 hours a night, generally waking several times throughout the night. I’d wake up early with my mind is instantly racing.

Now I’m someone who really needs my sleep, yet at this point I didn’t feel tired just constantly wired.

stage 1 adrenal fatigue.

Usually the adrenal glands release adrenalin and cortisol and certain times. To get us out of danger, to wake us up in the morning. However if your under prolonged periods of stress they basically go a bit haywire. What’s been happening with me is that my adrenals have been releasing a contract stream of cortisol.

What comes next? Burn out.

Stage 2 is not so much fun

Fatigue, exhaustion, digestive problems and weight gain

Stress hormones override all other hormonal functions (as there basic function is to get us out of danger) so everything else is compromised. You get sick as your immune system is not functioning, your more susectable to digestive problems as the gut wall starts to become permeable and let in all sorts of bugs…Sex hormones are put on hold too which also compromises fertility.

So what can you do about it?

Rest. Eat well and support the adrenal glands as much as possible with supplements. Stages 3 and 4 get even worse and can lead to chronic fatigue.

After the 5k run on Sat I think it may be time to wind down for a bit!

If anyone else feels like this you can get your adrenals tested with a simple saliva test. Anna Marsh at annamarshnutrition.co.uk offers this service. She can also prescribe the right supplements to get you back on track. I’ll be buying mine in bulk!


Kat (tired but wired) Bryson

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Lacking Motivation?

I’ve had lots of emails from people agreeing that they’ve been lacking motivation as the winter nights come in.

Once you lose your routine, it’s always harder to get back into it.

We all do it, lie to ourselves saying we’ll start again next week. Then come up with a million excuses why we didn’t do anything about it.

We tell ourselves we’re too tired, forgetting that training will actually give us more energy, help us combat stress, lower blood pressure, the list is endless. We forget that exercise just makes us feel better.

We’re too busy. Really? You had time to watch Eastenders….

I can’t get away from work. With all the extra energy training will give you, you could get in an hour early tomorrow and actually be more productive…..

But don’t listen to me.

Hear it instead from the horses mouth. This is a fb post from my old PT client and good friend Emma about letting her Muay Thai training slide…

‘when am I ever going to learn that when I’m stressed anxious or depressed I need to prioritise exercise. I repeat the same pattern at least every 6 months and every time I finally manage to drag my very sorry arse (and brand new muffin top) back to Muay Thai I wonder why I waited so long’

Enough said. Don’t leave it till January!

Look forward to seeing a busy turnout at classes this week 🙂


Kat (no more excuses) Bryson

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There I was doing burpees on the beach

Last December I really piled on the pounds..


It started with a chocolate binge on a girls weekend at the beginning of Dec and it didn’t stop until January.

I mean it. I ate chocolate everyday for a month.

I kept telling myself that I could get away with it as I train hard (how many times have I told you you can’t out train a bad diet?!) AND I would stop after Christmas, New Years resolution and all that.

After Christmas John and I went on a 10 day holiday in Costa Rica. We were meeting up with 2 of my ex clients who had moved back to the states.

So there I am all set for the beach in my bikini.

And I realized I was fat.

Ok so not obese fat but there we’re love handles that weren’t there before and lumps and bumps where I definitely didn’t want them. I was mortified.

Whats worse was my 2 ex-clients, Jamie and Lizzie looked amazing. The’d both lost weight and looked a hell of a lot better than me, the personal trainer.

Embarrassing or what?

Instead of spending the holiday relaxing, there I was doing burpees on the beach. I spent the week, trying to fit in training sessions and avoiding carbs and booze. Yeah I’m a whole lot of fun on holiday…..

Sometimes I get things back to front.

If only I’d had a bit of discipline in Dec I would have been in shape for my holiday. THEN I could have got fat on holiday like any normal person!

December is a killer, with Christmas parties, booze and so many chocolate temptations. It’s too easy to slip up and become demotivated.

So this Jan I’m going to sign myself up to a programme to lose the Christmas pudding!

I’m offering you the same thing.

This January I’m going to be running a 28 day guaranteed fat loss group programme

Here’s what you’ll get:

1.1 Goal setting session

Before and after measurements and photos

2 x Nutrition workshops telling you EXACTLY what to eat and when

Food plan + shopping list

Weekly support group where I will look at your food diary and suggest changes/improvements and take measurements

Unlimited email support from me

Cost = £97

If you follow this programme I guarantee you WILL get results or I will refund you every penny!

Stay tuned for booking details or contact kat@12roundsboxing.co.uk to find out more

Kat (staying off the choc this December) Bryson

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I’m giving up baking cakes….

I have 2 cakes leftover from the weekend in my kitchen at the moment. All being……reasonably healthy cakes, no gluten, flour (I got the spelling right!) or sugar. But still cake, rich, calorie dense cake.

Do you think I can walk past them without having a bit? I have zero will power. I can’t have treats in the house. If I know they are there I will scoff them!

So I’m binning the rest of the cake.

That’s your tip for the day. Go through your cupboards and bin all the crap.

I mean it. Biscuits cakes, cereal bars (even worse!) you’ll only be tempered to eat them. And don’t give them away to your friend/neighbour, unless you want to make them fat? That stuff is crap and bad for you, throw it away!

Parents I know you might find this one tough. I mean who hasn’t been eating the kids Halloween goodies? Try putting the kids treats in a lockable box or better still get the kids to count them, they will keep you right if any go missing……

On the run up to Christmas this is when we tend to fall off the wagon. Tomorrow I’ll tell you the story of how I got fat last December…….

and I’ll be putting together a 28 day nutrition group programme to keep you all on the straight and narrow on the run up to party season…..more about that tomorrow too.


Kat (I didn’t eat the cake honest) Bryson

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I don’t like water….

‘I don’t like drinking water, it’s too cold’


That was the response from my mum when I suggested drinking more water might help her lose weight.

Is that not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? (Sorry mum but it is!)

I don’t like a lot of things. I actually drink a supplement drink everyday that I’m not too thrilled about but I know it’s good for me so I get it down me!

Seriously though we all know we should drink more water. It really does help with metabolism and to flush out those toxins that are locked in our fat cells.

So no more excuses

Simple task for today drink minimum of 2.5 litres of water. Buy a 2litre bottle and finish it…….then fill it up some more.

Try it for one day and see how easy it is.

You might spend a bit more time in the loo but your body will thank you for it!

Kat (always in the loo!) Bryson


Everyday is like being in a Tsunami…..

This is quote of the weekend from My husband/carer on living with me


Exact words were its’s like being part of a Tsunami everyday. You can’t control what is uncontrollable, it’s just about damage limitation…


So I get a bit excited and jump into things with both feet. This is the case for with anything I am passionate about.


For example on the weekend we invited some people over to discuss plans for the 12 Rounds gym. So I invited everyone over, promised to bake a cake….didn’t really stop to think about the preparation (we had no chairs, mugs and I had no time to bake a cake!)


This is what happens. I get an idea in my head and I just run with it. Before I know it I’ve told everyone my idea and kind of just have to just pull it together and hope for the best…. Once the words are out there I’m committed to the project.


This is how I got myself into 3 boxing matches this year and how 10 of us will taking part in the men’s health survival run in 2 weeks time.


Tsunamis tend to gather others in their chaos…


Anyway my point is it’s about making a commitment. Once you tell others you’re going to do something it kind of leaves you no choice but to carry it through


So for today I want want you to think about a goal you want to achieve. It could be as small as not drinking coffee for a week or as big as committing to a taking part in a fight (Dora and Martin!)


Then tell everyone about it.


Email it to me and I will keep you accountable. (I might even write about you in the daily emails if I see you going off track!)


Write it down and tell everyone you know what your planning to do. That way your tied in as no one wants to look bad by not following through on what they said they are going to do.


Looking forward to hearing all your goals


Kat (Tsunami) Bryson

Motivation Nutrition Tips

I can’t spell and have no attention to detail…..

When I was studying for my masters my friend Rania had to edit all my essays, I be so busy focusing on the content I couldn’t see the huge grammar and spelling errors!

But if you’ve been reading me emails you’ll already know that. Yesterday John wouldn’t stop asking me what an AISlES was. You knew what I meant though right?

Anyway, that has absolutely no link to today’s task.

Today I just want you to cook something fresh and make enough for tomorrow’s dinner. We’re actually going out today so I’m going to cook a roast chicken for tomorrow’s dinner. It’s too easy, chicken in oven and I’m going to make potatoes a la pombre (potatoes cooked with onions and peppers) yum.

I’m also going to prepare tomorrow’s breakfast. Takes 10 mins. I make a large frittata which will do for breakfast for next 2 days. That way when I’m running in between clients I have food I can grab on the go.

To make the frittata:

chop up 1 red onion and fry in butter

add half a bag of spinach

Beat together 8 eggs in a bowl and add to frying pan

Add 1/3 packet feta

Pre-heat grill and once it’s almost cooked put under grill for 5 mins

There you go breakfast for 2 days

So that’s my food all prepared for tomorrow leaving me more time to write emails to you!

Happy cooking!


Motivation Nutrition Tips

Wandering round Waitrose on a Sat night….

That’s where you can normally find me. 10pm on Sat night and I’m getting my food shopping. Infact not even 10pm cos I’m in bed by then. More like 8.


Exciting life I lead!


You see the thing is I’ve learned that if I don’t plan my meals for the week ahead and make sure I have food in the house then it’s too easy to slip up. Then it’s down the slippery slope to takeaways and convenience foods. And telling myself I’ll start again next week.


Eating properly is really important to me so I have to be prepared.


So here’s your task for today. Go food shopping and buy some REAL food.


I don’t care when (I’m sure most of you have other plans on a Sat evening) but at some point today get some food in. You can even order online if you really don’t want to go out….


In the supermarket STAY AWAY FROM THE CENTRE AISlES with canned food and cakes and biscuits. Anything with a long shelf life is generally not good for you!


Fresh food is usually found around the outside aisles. This is where you want to be.


Buy enough food to cook a few meals as your going to be cooking tomorrow!


My suggestions would be:

Whole chicken or other meat for roast

Veg and potatoes for roast

Either beef, lamb or turkey mince – your going to cook a meal for Mon too




Cherry tomatoes

Red onion

Sweet potatoes


Or you can choose your own recipes but they MUST be made with fresh ingredients


Happy shopping!


Kat ‘rocking it on a Sat night’ Bryson

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