Want to change your life not just your waistline?

So its New Years resolution time again.

I don’t know why but we all seem to think at this time of year we need to go cold turkey on all the things we love in January

Chocolate, booze, coffee……

Then we need to punish ourselves with an intense training regime

So let me ask you this

Has that ever actually worked for you?

Yes, initially you might lose some weight, but what’s the point if you just put it back on again?

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to Feb


Because the process we choose to reach our goal makes us miserable.  Who’s going to stick to that?

A better way is to find happiness IN the process

An exercise regime and nutrition plan you can actually enjoy

Yes, it is possible

Let me tell you a little story about a different way

On the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas 2 of my clients, Daniel and Laura embarked on a 12 week transformation programme

To be honest with you, I didn’t know if it was going to work.  This programme is different to anything I’ve ever done before.  Daniel and Laura were my guinea pigs

The week before Christmas we did our final measurements

Daniel lost 2 st 7 and 12.6 inches

Laura lost 1 st 2 and 11 inches

(Check out their before and after pictures below)

They could have lost more

But they haven’t finished yet

Both of them can’t wait to get started on the next 12 weeks in the New Year.

They’ve even been in the gym over the holidays because they LOVE how it makes them FEEL

And that’s how you get sustainable long term results

Instead of prescribing them a diet that told them what they couldn’t have.  I gave them information and recipe ideas and let them work out how strict they wanted to be

Instead of killing them with intense training sessions, we trained 3 x a week with a mixture of weight training and boxing which they loved

Check out Laura’s smile below as she gets a personal best of 80kg

IMG_2731 IMG_2801

Most diets and training plans fail because they make us unhappy

Sure anyone can stick it out for a few weeks but if all your thinking about is getting to the end so you can eat normally again  then it’s not really sustainable right?

On this programme we work at being happy first

We identify the things that are keeping you stuck and unhappy and we start from there

By stopping doing the things that cause you pain

And starting doing the things that bring you more joy and fun

If you don’t believe me check out Daniels blog where he talks about going out for meals, going to gigs, weekends away……. and STILL losing weight in the process.  It’s a great read and also some very amusing pics of cats :)


If you really want to lose weight and are fed up starting a new diet, a new exercise plan every year

If you want to change you’re waistline and make real lasting changes to your lifestyle

Then APPLY HERE for my next programme


ps. Check out Daniel and Laura’s before and after pics below


20141001_195315 (1) 20141220_164018 20141001_195344 20141220_164033



Laura before   10511440_10152414986287181_7640514358652276727_o-2




Surviving Silly Season

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Can you really get through Christmas without piling on the pounds? Actually you can. It’s all about moderation and balance. Silly season seems to put all kinds of stress on us that it can be easy to become overwhelmed, give up and tell ourselves we’ll start again in January. My advice is why make it hard on yourself? With a bit of planning and staying consistent you can make it through Christmas without piling on the pounds

Here are my tips below for damage limitation

1. Short high intensity sessions

If you’ve got a busy social calendar and can’t get to your usual training sessions
that doesn’t mean you have to completely stop training. Keep some consistency to your training even if it’s just once or twice a week, do something and keep you body moving.
A 30 min HIT workout will do just as much to burn off those extra calories and maintain some of your fitness
Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be posting a series of workouts you can do at home or jump in on one of our morning HIT classes

2. Drink more water

If you are drinking alcohol more frequently increase your water intake. Drink a glass of water in between drinks
Dehydration not only affects your skin it also suppresses the immune system making you more susceptible to illness
Drink plenty water before going to bed to keep you hydrated. All the chemical reactions in your body require water so keep everything functioning as it should

3. Eat more Protein

If you know you are going to be drinking in the evening eat a protein rich meal beforehand. Your body will burn alcohol as it’s primary source of fuel adding carbs to the mix creates an increased glucose spike which results in insulin and more fat storage. If you eat only protein and fat beforehand it will counter this effect

4. Avoid the table of beige

A lot of party food comes in beige, processed carbohydrate form. However even if you are out socialising you can still make better choices
With canapés choices more protein based ones. Eg mini burgers – eat without the bun, skewers, salad, olives…the more colour the better as the beige food is usually processed! Avoid the sausage rolls and bread!

5. Make better choices at meals

Even though you have a lot of meals out you can still make better choices. Again keep the carb content low and go for colour!
Choose a salad or soup as a starter and load up on protein and veg with your main meal
With deserts go for something more creamy and heavier in fat than sugar. We want to minimise fat storage so the best way to do this is avoiding high sugar foods which will spike your insulin levels. Fat has no hormonal response and will keep you feeling fuller. A small portion of heavier creamier deserts are a better option to cakes and pastries which are loaded with sugar. Fruit salad with cream or full fat yogurt is an even better alternative

6. Portion Control
Easiest option here, take a smaller plate! If you are eating from buffet style and serving yourself, be careful about how many times you fill up your plate. It can be easy to lie to yourself about how much you’ve eaten in these scenarios. Eat till you are full not stuffed. If you feel like having second helpings, wait 20 mins. It can take up to 20 mins for the brain to get feedback from the stomach that it is full

7. Avoid Negative Self Talk

If you do have a big night and break all the rules – don’t beat yourself up! Just accept in and move on. Negative self talks and emotions only leads to further stress – stress is often the biggest cause of weight gain

8. Hit the dance floor.

Get some extra exercise in and have fun too! Think about it, the more you dance, the more you’ll stay away from the bar. Not only will you get some exercise in but you’ll remember the night too!

At 12 Rounds we are always looking for ways to keep you exercising and feeling good. To help you get some consistent training in over the Christmas period we’ve got a special offer on personal training. Buy block of 5 sessions for £250

See link below to book


Why wait till January, get a head start on your fitness journey straight away!


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