The first rule of fight skool….

The first rule....

The first rule of fight skool – tell everyone about fight skool

Last week we started our first fight skool programme at 12 Rounds

10 weeks of intense training with the end goal of a fight at Clapham Grand on 23rd July

Despite my utter terror, I’ve decided to join

Something I’ve thought about for years is getting back in the ring

I love the team spirit and the camaraderie of fighting. I loved having a goal and something to work towards

But it’s a big commitment. Training for a fight is incredibly tough, both mentally and physically. For the last few years I’ve not had the time or energy to give boxing competitively

I’m not sure what changed. Maybe the fact that our fighters are mostly newbies to the ring and I want to lead by example and take this journey with them

Or it could just be that I got drunk at the Joshua/Klitschko event and told everyone I was going to do it 😂 (I’m pretty brave when full of vodka!)

And that’s my point today. If you’ve got a goal and something you want to achieve – tell everyone about it

For me, it keeps me accountable and means I won’t back out

Following through on what you say you’ll do is really important to me. I guess it comes back to integrity. If I say if going to do something, I’m all in. I hate letting people down

And keeping the promises you make to yourself is massively connected to self esteem. A lot of time this is something we don’t do, then we wonder why we don’t trust ourself. Think about it, do you like or trust someone who continually doesn’t do what they say they will?

So if there’s something you want to achieve, tell everyone you know about it. It will keep you accountable and committed

‘Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in had left you

Have a great week 😊

Kat x

ps. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get behind the ropes, we still have a few spaces left to jump onboard the programme

Email info@12roundsboxing.co.uk for details

And if you tell people about our fight skool, it will be great marketing for us too 😂

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Fight School – FAQ’s

Interested in stepping behind the ropes?

Joining a fight programme is not for the faint-hearted.  It’s takes courage, commitment but the results and feeling of achievement you get are second to none

If this is something you’re interested in, here’s a few questions you may have:

Do I need experience?  

Yes, you need basic boxing skills to join our Fight School programme.   If you are new to boxing we recommend that you complete our Boxing Fundamentals programme in the first instance. 

If you have experience, we run intake days on the lead up to a programme where a coach will take you through a sample training session, assess your level and ensure you have enough experience to join the programme.

Why do you do an assessment prior to signing up?  Fight School is an intense programme where coaches work closely with the participants.  Participants also work as a close knit team.  It’s important that you are the right fit to work as part of that team.  We also need to assess your boxing level to ensure you have a good level of basic boxing technique.  This is an intense programme and we do not want anyone to be out of their depth.


Do I have to commit to all the sessions? We recognise that people have lives and that it’s not always going to be possible to make all the sessions. We ask that you attend as many of possible.  If you are going to miss a full week of training, we suggest that you wait till you have a clear schedule to start the programme.

If you are unable to make the odd session you must notify your coach who will advise of a self-training plan for the missed session.

Do I need to spar?  Absolutely. We want to ensure you are fully prepared to get in the ring and do not crumble under the pressure. Weekly sparring sessions will be a big part of your programme


Will I get hurt?  We’re not going to lie to you, yes there is a chance you might get hurt. Boxing is a tough sport. Bruised/broken ribs and noses are not uncommon. We will do all we can to ensure that you remain safe and injury free however it’s important that you understand that with the best will in the world we cannot guarantee this. We advise purchasing protective equipment for sparring (head guard, groin guard, body protector)


What does the training programme involve?  Sessions will be a combination of technique, sparring and conditioning.   You will also be expected to complete runs and additional fitness work – out with the core session times.  You will be advised of diet and weight cutting techniques should you need to drop weight.


Who will run the training sessions?  Our team is run by professional fighters who understand exactly what is required to step behind the ropes. You will also receive mindset and nutrition coaching to get your mind and body into the best possible condition to achieve ultimate success


Where will the fight take place? We partner with DKM Plush promotions and the majority of fights take place at the Clapham Grand.  There may also be options to take part in other interclub shows during your camp.


How will I be matched up?  You will be matched to someone from another boxing club in your weight and experience category.  There will be a set matching day early on in the programme where clubs come together for a sparring day with the intention of finding matches.


Will I be expected to sell tickets?   There is no pressure to sell tickets however if you do you will receive a commission on tickets sales which is yours to keep or donate to a charity of your choice.


What equipment do I need?  You will need 16oz gloves, mouthguard, head guard (personal choice) wraps and groin guard

We recommend Geezers Boxing to source equipment

What’s the investment?  

The programme investment is £530.

There is also an additional £50 fee branded training kit (T-shirt and hoodie)