Punch for PTSD charity event

PTSD is a common affliction of many who have served in the forces. Our own team member Jake Duggan knows only too well the challenges of dealing with this condition. Jake wanted to raise awareness and do something to help his fellow army veterans. We know that boxing is a fantastic tool for managing mental health. Focussing on learning technique takes you out of your mind and back to the present moment providing temporary relief from stress and negative thinking. Seeing progression and improvements builds self esteem. Something we believe is much needed for our army veterans.

Check out the video here of Jake talking about his own experience and how we got involved in boxing

With everything thats been going on this year charities have taken a huge hit. With remembrance day happening this month we wanted to do something to support our military heroes who give so much yet receive very little support.

This remembrance day weekend we are holding a Punch for PTSD fundraiser event to raise money for Help for Hero’s Charity.

Come along and join us for a military style boxing workout where all proceeds go towards Help for Hero’s providing support for ex-military personnel.

Workout takes place at 1pm on Sunday 8th November and is suitable for all levels of fitness and boxing experience.

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Building the foundations

Fundamentals is an integral part of boxing. It’s the foundation on which your style is built on.
Think of it like a house. Before the house is built, the foundation must be laid first. It has to be strong and sturdy or the house will crumble.

Fundamentals can be broken into 3 parts:
[ ] Footwork
[ ] Balance
[ ] Technique

Footwork is an essential part of boxing. It gets you in and out of range. Its also part of your defence, gets you out of trouble.

Balance is an overlooked fundamental. When you throw a punch, you must be able to transfer your weight, turn your hips and deliver your power. You can’t do that without being balanced.
Balance isn’t only about delivering a punch, its also about accepting one. You will be able to absorb a punch much better if you are balanced.

Technique is about slowing everything down, focusing on the technical aspects of boxing and understanding the mechanics of how things work.

Its imperative that you are competent in the basic fundamentals before you enter the ring/start sparring.
All the advanced techniques you will no doubt progress too, will be built off the fundamentals you were taught at the start of your boxing journey.

I love teaching the fundamentals because I really enjoy watching the progression and growth over 4 weeks. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 4 weeks, not only in terms of boxing technique but in fitness and confidence too.

You can find Scott teaching Fundamentals Mon and Wed evenings and he’s also available for 1-1 Personal Training.


Meet our team – Jake

Jake signed up for our fight skool programme last year. As an ex-soldier who’d been in the Australian military for 9 years Jake was struggling with ptsd. He needed something to focus on to get out of his head. Jake found that boxing and joining fight skool provided the perfect remedy.

Learning boxing skills gave him a focus and kept him learning week in week out and the support and camaraderie from the group was exactly what he needed. Since completing the programme and winning the fight Jake decided he wanted to share what he’d learned and become a coach. He is also so passionate about helping ex-military boost their mental health and cope with ptsd that he is running a charity day to raise awareness this remembrance week.

Hears Jakes story in his own words

What go you into boxing?

After being discharged from the army after 9 years service I was looking for a new challenge and something to get me up and going in the morning. I wanted something to strive for, to better myself and achieve something. I came across the fight skool programme and it seemed to offer just that.

What did you enjoy about the training at 12 Rounds and what made you want to get into coaching?

What I loved about the fight skool programme was the community and cammadradie in the team. You really do develop that family type bond. You are all there for each other and push each other, even though there’s also some friendly competition. That’s what makes you want to come back. The other thing I loved about the training is that you are always learning. There’s always something new to learn. After successfully winning the fight I wanted to do my part and give something back. I wanted to pass on the knowledge that I’ve learned to help others

What’s been your biggest highlights from training/coaching?

Firstly there was the actual fight night and seeing how well both myself and the rest of the team did on the night. Then there was the after party…..that was fun
In terms of coaching running my first classes with Rich and seeing the members enjoy the sessions and progress has been fantastic. It’s also really encouraging when members come up and thanks me afterwards, it’s a real sense of achievement to know I’ve made a difference

What challenges have you faced?

The biggest challenge has been getting out of my own head. You’re biggest obstacle is always yourself and I’ve had my own struggles with managing my ptsd. But as I said 12 Rounds is such a positive environment and that helps you take that step to get out of bed, get out your house and come down here as you know you will feel better.

Tell us about the Remembrance day event you are organising

From 1st Nov till Remembrance Sunday on 7th, the theme is remembrance week. I wanted to do something to raise awareness and raise funds for both veterans and military personnel who need support. I know from my own experience of ptsd how difficult it is to cope with and find support. I was shocked to find out how poor the support system is for these men and women who’ve served and fought for their country. I think that getting involved in boxing is a fantastic way to help as takes your mind away from being stuck in that dark cloud. Focussing on a skill like boxing where you are always learning and seeing yourself progress takes you into a different mindset. It’s also a positive outlet for any emotion and you see growth not just in terms of technique and fitness but in yourself. Boxing really does make you better, I’d 100% recommend it.

We are super excited to welcome Jake to the team and love his genuine passion and desire to make a difference. Jake teaches Fundamentals and taster sessions on Saturdays and you’ll find him on reception Tuesdays evenings and Friday mornings.