Meet our members – Ellie and Laura tell us what keeps them coming back 6 years on

Chatting to these to ladies in the gym the other day and we realised that they’ve both been training here for 6 whole years now.  Ellie started Fundamentals back in Feb 2016 – when we only had the upstairs space.  Laura joined fundamentals a few months later in May.   Both of them have gone on to do white collar fights and remain some of our most experienced and committed members to date.

We wanted to find out what’s kept them coming back over the years;

Here’s there views on why they love boxing and why they’ve kept coming back to 12 Rounds.

Laura  Fish 

‘I’ve never been the sporty type but boxing is the one thing that I’ve consistently stuck at (maybe not every week but when I’ve fallen out of the routine of exercise, it’s the thing that gets me back in the gym!) For me though, it’s more than exercise. I love that I’m always learning…from how to throw the basic punches correctly when I first started, to how to outsmart my opponent in the ring. Boxing has allowed me to push myself, mentally as much as physically, and I always come out feeling stronger. 

The team at 12 Rounds have played a big part in my love for boxing. The gym has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and I’ve met some great people over the years, especially Ellie, who will be my boxing bestie for life! I’ve always appreciated the time that the coaches take to explain the technique…anyone can throw a punch but can you throw it well?! Their energy and passion is infectious and I always leave the gym feeling better than when I arrived – this is why I come back.’


Ellie Welton

“I feel strong, confident and happy. No matter what has been happening in my world. I always feel good after training. 

I first came to 12 rounds to learn a new skill and became part of a family. I loved the way you could progress and challenge yourself and you got me from beginner to fighting. 

&… of course Rich. He may have told me to say this… but I have been at the gym since Rich started. He knows me, my strengths and weaknesses. 

I know all the trainers take care to get to know people who come to the gym. That’s part of the community created.”


We are delighted to have Laura and Ellie in our boxing family and can’t wait to see what’s next for them.   Here’s just a few pics of them in training and showing off their well earned abs.