fight skool

Interested in stepping behind the ropes?

Joining a fight programme is not for the faint-hearted.  It’s takes courage, commitment but the results and feeling of achievement you get are second to none

If this is something you’re interested in, here’s a few questions you may have:

Do I need experience?   If you have boxing and previous fight/sparring experience following assessment you can join straight into our 6 week fight club

If you are new to boxing, rusty, or haven’t sparred before you MUST following assessment you will be invited to join our 10 week programme which begins with 4 weeks in boxing fundamentals.

Why do you do an assessment prior to signing up?  Fight Skool is an intense programme where coaches work closely with the participants.  Participants also work as a close knit team.  It’s important that you are the right fit to work as part of that team.  We also need to assess your boxing level to guide you to either the 10 week or 6 week programme.

Do I have to commit to all the sessions? We recognise that people have lives and that it’s not always going to be possible to make all the sessions. We ask that you attend as many of possible.  If you are going to miss a full week of training we suggest that you wait till you have a clear schedule to start the programme.

If you are unable to make the odd session you must notify your coach who will advise of a self training plan for the missed session.

Do I need to spar?  Absolutely. We want to ensure you are fully prepared to get in the ring and do not crumble under the pressure. Weekly sparring sessions will be part of your programme following the completion of boxing fundamentals.

Will I get hurt?  We’re not going to lie to you, yes there is a chance you might get hurt. Boxing is a tough sport. Bruised/broken ribs and noses are not un common. We will do all we can to ensure that you remain safe and injury free however it’s important that you understand that with the best will in the world we cannot guarantee this

What does the training programme involve?  Sessions will be a combination of technique, sparring and conditioning

Weeks 1-4  Boxing Fundamentals.  Focus on securing good technique and boxing skills

Weeks 5-7  Practice makes perfect.
Focus on technical Sparring, fitness and conditioning
Diet and Weight cutting

Weeks 7-8  Hard Sparring and Conditioning

Weeks 9-10 Ring Prep and Mindset coaching to get you prepared for the big night

Who will run the training sessions?  Our team is run by professional fighters who understand exactly what is required to step behind the ropes. You will also receive mindset and nutrition coaching to get your mind and body into the best possible condition to achieve ultimate success

Where will the fight take place? Fights usually take place at the Clapham Grand.  Occasionally other venues may be used by the promoter DKM Promotions

How will I be matched up?  You will be matched to someone from another boxing club in your weight and experience category.  There will be a set matching day in the second half of the programme where clubs come together for a sparring day with the intention of finding matches.

Will I be expected to sell tickets?   There is no pressure to sell tickets however if you do you will receive a commission on tickets sales which is yours to keep or donate to a charity of your choice

What equipment do I need?  You will need 16oz gloves, mouthguard, head guard (personal choice) wraps and groin guard

We recommend Geezers Boxing to source equipment

What’s the investment?  

There will be an additional £100 fee for on the night support and ring kit

Think you got what it takes to go the distance?