Fighter Stories – Sebastian Grayson

Fighter Stories – Sebastian Grayson

Getting in the ring for a white collar boxing bout is extremely challenging both mentally and physically. it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Courage, determination and a strong chin are just some the essentials you’ll need to compete in a fight

Sebastian Grayson started boxing with us in November last year and very quickly decided to sign himself up for the challenge

With a house move and a new baby on the way and working long hours as an estate agent, we asked him why on earth would you put yourself through that?

In the interview below, Sebastian tells us about his motivation and journey to get fit and get in the ring. How since starting boxing, he has more energy, has lost over a stone in weight and feels more confident than ever before

What motivated you to start boxing?
Originally I was looking for a new way to get fit and lose some weight. I’d been going to the gym 3 x a week and was bored and not really seeing the results I wanted

What do you like about training at 12RB?
You always feel like you are pushed at every workout. You leave feeling like you’ve achieved something when you leave here and learned something new. I love the community and that the staff are really welcoming.

Why did you decide to fight?
I thought having the goal ahead of me would make me push myself harder. It’s really motivated me knowing that there’s something at the end of all the hard training

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
Definitely the stone I’ve lost in weight! And learning how to defend myself and throw a punch properly. I feel like I’m achieving new things every day

Biggest challenges?
Burpees, tuck jumps, bear crawls! i think the biggest challenge is actually getting here when you’re tired, after a long day at work. It’s easy to listen to that voice in your head that wants to talk you out of coming. But actually the more you do it, the more energy you actually get. Even on those days you don’t feel up for it, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve accomplished something

What have you learned about yourself?
When you put your mind to something you can actually achieve it. Just when you think you can’t be pushed any further, one of the trainers will push you that extra mile and you’ll realise you CAN do it

What’s you’re advice to anyone thinking of having a fight?
Do it! It’s an amazing experience Putting yourself in for a fight takes a bit of courage but what you’ll find is that once you get involved in the training you’ll feel more confident all round. You’ll feel like you can handle any situation. Whatever life throws you, you can deal with it

Boxing makes you better because?
It gives you self confidence determination and self belief

Check out Sebastian’s full interview here on our youtube channel

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to get involved in our next fight skool intake – head over here and apply


Training starts 17th May to fight at Clapham Grand on 22nd July








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