Building the foundations

Building the foundations

Fundamentals is an integral part of boxing. It’s the foundation on which your style is built on.
Think of it like a house. Before the house is built, the foundation must be laid first. It has to be strong and sturdy or the house will crumble.

Fundamentals can be broken into 3 parts:
[ ] Footwork
[ ] Balance
[ ] Technique

Footwork is an essential part of boxing. It gets you in and out of range. Its also part of your defence, gets you out of trouble.

Balance is an overlooked fundamental. When you throw a punch, you must be able to transfer your weight, turn your hips and deliver your power. You can’t do that without being balanced.
Balance isn’t only about delivering a punch, its also about accepting one. You will be able to absorb a punch much better if you are balanced.

Technique is about slowing everything down, focusing on the technical aspects of boxing and understanding the mechanics of how things work.

Its imperative that you are competent in the basic fundamentals before you enter the ring/start sparring.
All the advanced techniques you will no doubt progress too, will be built off the fundamentals you were taught at the start of your boxing journey.

I love teaching the fundamentals because I really enjoy watching the progression and growth over 4 weeks. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 4 weeks, not only in terms of boxing technique but in fitness and confidence too.

You can find Scott teaching Fundamentals Mon and Wed evenings and he’s also available for 1-1 Personal Training.


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