7 Reasons you need a Personal Trainer

7 Reasons you need a Personal Trainer

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Since I started my fitness journey in my late 20s I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a 1-1 trainer.

My first trainer I saw 2 x a week where we’d go through a pretty standard routine of weights and cardio.

I remember being slightly surprised that within 3 months I’d lost weight and I was fitting into old clothes that had become too tight.

The training also helped me through a difficult time when I was quite low and isolated. Having regular training times helped give me some structure and sometimes just the connection with a supportive person made all the different to my day.

Since then I’ve had some fantastic trainers and swear by 1-1 training.

I enjoy having the focus and attention of the trainer, not having to think about a training plan and being pushed outside my comfort zone.

Left to my own devices I can be pretty lazy and will def not push myself to my max. Having a PT has enabled me to progress my fitness and boxing skills far more than I ever would have with group training.

Here are 7 reasons I believe this is the most effective approach

1. Consistency – when you’ve paid for something there’s an extra incentive to turn up. Personal training is a considerable expense and no one likes to waste money. You book your sessions and you turn up, even when you feel tired and not up for it. Getting your training in consistently is what leads to results.

2. Time management – have you ever gone to the gym by yourself spend half an hour wandering around wondering what to do then another hour doing a half hearted session, most of it resting between sets? I have . It’s pretty frustrating wasting your time like that but it’s not easy to motivate yourself sometimes. Even as a trainer myself I sometimes find it difficult. Having a personal trainer completely takes away any time wastage. Your trainer will plan your session and ensure you work for the hour. You will always leave knowing you’re achieved something.

3. Enjoyment – For me personally, it’s much more enjoyable to train with company. I think this is down to individual personality but for me I’m not a fan of working out alone. It’s much more enjoyably with a trainer to have some chat and connection while getting through the reps.

4. Effort – if you’re a people pleaser like me then you will want to please your trainer and will put in maximum effort. I don’t know anyone who does not work to their max with a trainer standing over them encouraging them. Working on your own or in a group you can get away with working in your comfort zone. With a personal trainer there’s nowhere to hide.

5. Support – working with a personal trainer is a special relationship. 9 x out of 10 that trainer will also become your therapist, your confidante and your friend. They know how to motivate you and encourage you every step of the way.

6. Flexibility – busy lifestyles mean we can’t always commit to attending classes at set times. The beauty of personal training is that you can organise your training around times to suit you. Whether that’s 6am in the morning or 8pm the evening to fit in with your schedule.

7. Expertise and accountability – a personal trainer is an expert in all aspects of fitness (trainers at 12 Rounds are also boxing experts) This means your training is tailored around your goals strengths and weaknesses and instead of an overall group approach. Whether you want to improve technique or boost your fitness or strength, the 1-1 attention and focus means you improve much faster.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a training plan but haven’t quite managed to motivate yourself yet, we have a special introductory for September. Block of 3 initial sessions for just £150. That’s just £50 a session (discounted from £75)

Book your sessions here and then just email us to arrange times. Simples


We look forward to helping you get started 🙂



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