A different kind of date night…..

A different kind of date night…..

kyrstele and Lewis

Pushing each other to your limits, punching and getting sweaty. Not what you would expect from the usual date night

We get a lot of couples training with us here at 12 Rounds. As I’m sure you know boxing gets out a lot of stress. Everyone who trains with us leaves feeling lighter and happier. And it’s fun. So it makes sense that it’s a great way to spend time with your partner

Today I thought I’d tell you a bit about our star couple. At 12 Rounds we like to give a bit of recognition to our members that we feel have worked extra hard. This month our member of the month award went to one of our couples Kystle and Lewis. Kyrstle and Lewis haven’t actually been training with us that long but they loved it so much they’ve been top attenders and moved up our skill levels in the fastest time to date. When Kyrstle injured her wrist we thought we wouldn’t see them for months. But no she found a way to train around her injury. She’s been boxing with one hand for the last few months and hasn’t missed a session. Now that’s commitment!

Here’s a bit about their journey

1. What prompted you to start training at 12 Rounds?

We recently moved to London after travelling the world for 12 months and were interested in joining up to something to keep fit. We used to rock climb a lot in Australia (especially as we had a climbing gym down the road from where we lived). Lewis used to do boxing, Kyrstle did Karate (a decade ago!) So we were both interested in the boxing gym. We decided to join up to fundamentals and take it from there.

2. You’ve progressed through the levels really fast. Tell us about your journey so far

We have always trained together (whether it be climbing, running, gym etc) so we naturally push each other. We are not afraid to call each other out if we think the other person is doing something incorrect or is being a bit slack. We also provide each other a lot of support and encouragement – that’s just how we make each other work harder.

3. What do you enjoy most about the training?

All the coaches are encouraging and bring a certain energy to the training. It feels great learning new techniques and constantly being challenged. We really love when we get pushed to train hard.

4. Kyrstle, what’s kept you motivated to train through an injury?

We are getting married in April, so I have to keep fit so I look fit in my dress! Hahaha But even if this wasn’t the case, I would still train. I like the feeling after training, like I have accomplished something. Having an injury shouldn’t stop anyone from training. There are always alternative exercises you can do. The healthier you are, the quicker you heal. The coaches at 12 Rounds have been really supportive and accommodating, coming up with ways so I can still train.

5. What are your goals going forward?

Lewis: to continue improving my fitness and skills.

Kyrstle: to continue to improve my skills and technique. I also want to be skilled enough that I feel comfortable in Southpaw as well. Once I’m healed I’m looking forward to doing some sparring.

6. You guys train together regularly. What would you say to any other couples who are thinking of taking up boxing?

Do it! It’s a great workout! It’s not all about how hard you can hit. There is a lot more skill involved than just throwing a punch. It’s definitely a sport anyone can participate in.
If you’re looking for a different kind of date night. A fun way to connect and spend time with your partner, come and give boxing a try.  Check out our beginner Fundamentals courses to start your journey.  Courses beginning every month


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