The ultimate self care day

A women only workshop combining boxing and mindfulness to provide a holistic wellness experience.

Ever feel like life is moving too fast and you just want to hit pause and re-set yourself?

In boxing, good balance is the most important thing you can have.  Without it you are likely to go down when your opponent launches an attack.  Without balance you have no power behind your own shots either.  It’s exactly the same in life yet so many of us are living completely off balance – drowning in a never editing cycle of to do lists and constant ‘doing’

Along with providing a fun workout in a supportive female only group, these monthly sessions work on helping women master their mindset and create more balance in their lives. From a physical perspective sessions teach how to regulate the nervous system – the thing that can often keep us stuck and lead to weight gain, low mood, stress and anxiety.

With todays busy lifestyle many of us women are continually over-doing in every area of life. Over working, over giving and over training among other things. All of this ‘doing’ keeps us locked in our sympathetic nervous system running on fight or flight.  It’s exhausting and frustrating as we often don’t see results despite working out, feel exhausted yet ‘wired’ unable to sleep well or relax and enjoy life.

For long term health and mental wellness we need balance – this means we need to activate the parasympathetic system which promotes rest and recovery.  We need to learn to work in as well as work out.  Doing the inner work can be tough as it often means re-wiring our current brain patterns and challenging old habits and beliefs.

As women we’ve often been conditioned to believe that we must please everyone, even when that means betraying ourself and our own needs. The mindset component has a big focus on understanding what our own needs are and setting boundaries around them.  By prioritising ourself and our own self care we become stronger, have more energy, clarity and mental focus.

Box and Balance monthly RE-SET helps women to take a step back and do just that – RE-SET themselves, set monthly goals and focus on doing the inner work to reach them.

Box and Balance works on 3 elements, Body, Brain and Balance

The monthly Re-set starts with a fun, boxing session suitable for all levels of experience followed by mindset work focusing on mental wellness, slowing down and managing stress.  Sessions finish with a guided relaxation.

You will leave feeling balanced and inspired and ready to take on the month ahead.

Next workshop - Saturday 3rd July 2pm - 4.30pm