Boxing keeps me sane…

Boxing keeps me sane…

I’ve been doing a lot of probing lately about why you enjoy training with us

But I need more! Particularly from the mums

Here’s why I box.

For me boxing and training are what keeps me sane.


It’s no secret that I suffer from low moods. A long time ago I went through a horrible period of depression. It sucked. I cried everyday. But that’s another story (my life was shit them so it’s no wonder I was depressed!)

These days life is good but I still sometimes get overwhelmed and life feels a bit out of control. I have lists the length of my arm of things I need to do for work not to mention meals to prepare and washing/housework to get through.

Mums I really don’t know how you do it!

When I feel like this boxing is the one thing that gets me through the week.

Some days it really is a coping mechanism to avoid a meltdown. (it’s either punch stuff or cry for me!)

It clears my mind and gives me back control. When I’ve got my training in I feel like I’ve achieved something. I feel strong again and I can move on with my day….

But I’m an addict.

What about you? I hear a lot of you saying you can’t through the week without your boxing fix.

Tell me what you get out it and why?

Fill out questionnaire at https://12rounds.wufoo.com/forms/why-now/

or just drop me an email kat@12roundsboxing.co.uk

Much appreciated!



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