Boxing to boost your mental health

Boxing to boost your mental health


I thought I was completely losing my mind……..

If you are new to this page you might not be used to my open and upfront blog posts

I do not just write to you to ‘sell you shit’

I speak from the heart about my life and experiences because I believe honesty and vulnerability create connection

I WANT the people who read my emails and come to my gym to know who I am

And by sharing my experiences I hope it will help others

So in this email I’m going to talk about mental health

One in 4 of us struggle with this yet it’s still a bit taboo. Personally I think it’s crazy not to talk about it

Emotional highs and lows are something I’ve lived with most of my life. Apparently its a common trait among entrepreneurs.

Lately, I’ve gone through a particularly difficult period. The pressures of running a business and some difficult personal issues again resulted in anxiety and depression finding their way into my life

To be honest with you after a period of terrifying panic attacks I thought I was completely losing my mind

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want to tell you how I get through it and how my gym and training helps me

I originally got into boxing as a way of dealing with stress. It works every time. From a brain perspective any movement interrupts the brain pattern keeping you stuck. It literally gets you out of your own head. Boxing is particularly helpful as not only are you moving but you also have to think about the technique. The brain has no choice but to focus on something else other than your worries

I created 12 Rounds because I wanted to create a space where people feel connected and part of something. Simple. When things seem dark, just getting out there and connecting with people makes everything that little bit better. I truly believe as human beings we need that connection. Many of the members know about my recent struggles. I also know about theirs. We talk about stuff. It’s that kind of place

Too much of anything will kill you. Even if it’s exercise. Over-training leads to a dominance in stress hormones. Balance is something I’m only just discovering. As a business owner I’ve spent the last few years in constant work mode. This not only creates a pattern of stress and anxiety but it also affects relationships. Slow the fuck down and do some yoga. It really works. We even now have drop in yoga sessions available. Just check out the calendar

Sometimes it’s these things that get me through the week

I’m telling you this because if you’re on this site then you should know what 12 Rounds is all about

If you are just looking for a place to give you a workout then we’re prob not for you

But if you’re looking for a community, if you’re looking for a way to build confidence, if you are looking for ways to manage your stress and mental health, if you want support, connection and friendship AND a workout

Then we might just be for you

Pop along and see us for taster session. Our next fundamentals course starts in July
Kat  xx


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