Everyday is like being in a Tsunami…..

Everyday is like being in a Tsunami…..

This is quote of the weekend from My husband/carer on living with me


Exact words were its’s like being part of a Tsunami everyday. You can’t control what is uncontrollable, it’s just about damage limitation…


So I get a bit excited and jump into things with both feet. This is the case for with anything I am passionate about.


For example on the weekend we invited some people over to discuss plans for the 12 Rounds gym. So I invited everyone over, promised to bake a cake….didn’t really stop to think about the preparation (we had no chairs, mugs and I had no time to bake a cake!)


This is what happens. I get an idea in my head and I just run with it. Before I know it I’ve told everyone my idea and kind of just have to just pull it together and hope for the best…. Once the words are out there I’m committed to the project.


This is how I got myself into 3 boxing matches this year and how 10 of us will taking part in the men’s health survival run in 2 weeks time.


Tsunamis tend to gather others in their chaos…


Anyway my point is it’s about making a commitment. Once you tell others you’re going to do something it kind of leaves you no choice but to carry it through


So for today I want want you to think about a goal you want to achieve. It could be as small as not drinking coffee for a week or as big as committing to a taking part in a fight (Dora and Martin!)


Then tell everyone about it.


Email it to me and I will keep you accountable. (I might even write about you in the daily emails if I see you going off track!)


Write it down and tell everyone you know what your planning to do. That way your tied in as no one wants to look bad by not following through on what they said they are going to do.


Looking forward to hearing all your goals


Kat (Tsunami) Bryson


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