Fight School

Fight School is a 10 week course to prepare you for the ultimate adrenalin and fitness challenge of stepping behind the ropes in a white collar fight.

Through a structured 10 week programme that involves technique work, bag, pad work, sparring and intense circuit training,  you will learn the skills and confidence to take into the ring and put yourself to the test in a White Collar Boxing show.  

Over the course of the 10 weeks you can expect to see a massive improvement to your strength, fitness and body composition and confidence levels.  You do need to have basic boxing expereince to join our fight school.  If you havent boxed before, we advise you complete our  Boxing Fundamentals programme in the first instance.

To find out if it’s right for you, check out our FAQ’s 

Fight school runs 3 x a year with intakes starting January, May and September.

Training involves 3 core sessions per week (Tuesday, Thursday at 8pm and Sunday at 12pm)  

Participants are also expected to complete additional fitness sessions including runs and circuit training. 

The investment is £530 for the 10 weeks training package which includes fight matching and arrangment. 

Ready to test yourself? 

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