Fighting a losing battle with yourself?

Fighting a losing battle with yourself?







Sometimes we all lose a round or two or even a fight

Lately I feel like I’ve been fighting a losing battle

With my body

Lack of sleep, stress and poor diet management has caused me to gain weight

I don’t feel good about it

And I realised what’s been behind some of my anxiety

Pressure to look the part of fitness instructor
Pressure to feel the part by being fit and strong

Every week I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to get back on it. Back to proper training programme of 5 sessions a week and strict diet. Lose that extra 5kg that I’m carrying by Christmas

But my body’s been saying no.

Agonising pain in my shoulders caused by years of overuse has stopped me being able to train
My anxiety and poor sleep had left my body feeling exhausted
My strength and fitness are a fraction of what they formally were

I’ve been feeling broken and fed up watching clients following my programmes get fitter and leaner, while I get fatter and weaker…

But the pressure I’ve been putting on myself is only creating further anxiety which results in me sleeping even less

A session with my own coach has given me some clarity to take a different approach

Would I tell my clients to train more and eat less when there struggling with injuries and stress?

Hell no!

I’d tell them to rest and be kind to themselves
Allow their body to heal
And eat well to support the healing process

The body knows what it needs

And if we listen to it we can come back stronger

So I’m taking my own advice and re-thinking my strategy

I’m putting myself on a different type of programme

One of rest, recovery and good eating

And allowing myself to be ok with this even if it means I don’t lose those extra kgs

Here’s my recovery plan for next 4 weeks

1. Weekly weights session to balance out my body. Stretching tight muscles and strengthen weak ones
2. Weekly sports massage
3. Maximum of 3 boxing sessions per week
4. Clean eating food plan. Avoiding sugar, grains and processed food
5. Lots of rest. Stick to my bedtime routine of switching off from work in the evening and getting to bed on time

You might even see me doing yoga instead of hitting the bag 🙂

If you too are dealing with injuries or stress, be patient and listen to your body

Continually fighting it will only result in further injury and stress

Caring for yourself will help you come back stronger

Battling your body is one fight you can’t win


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