Focus on how you want to feel to create lasting changes in 2019

Focus on how you want to feel to create lasting changes in 2019

This year I had the most amazing break over the festive holidays. After a week of time with family, long countryside walks, and way too much cheese, I came back from Scotland fully rested and recharged.

It didn’t used to be like this for me. In fact this time of year used to cause me a lot of anxiety.

Having a fitness business I’d get completely stressed out with all the New Year, New You fads.  I’d panic about being prepared for the Jan rush, launching new programmes and having everything all ready to go. After all Januarys the time you’ve got to get everything in order right?  I told myself I had to get everything completely organised over the holidays. So much so that I often missed out on quality time with the people I love as I was too busy working

It took me a while to realise that this approach didn’t actually get me anywhere. It turns out that living a more balanced life and taking the time to recharge has actually made me more grounded and productive.  AND it’s a complete myth that you need to have all your shit together by January.  All that does is send you into overwhelm and result in failure.

The moral of the story is that a balanced approach works so much better that jumping into things full throttle like a headless chicken.

You might be feeling the same with all the New Years resolutions stuff that’s out there.  Everywhere you look we’re being told now’s the time to make changes.   We get so fixated about making all these changes that we forget about why we want to change things in the first place. Because we want to feel better. Yet so often we jump into diets and training programmes that we hate and cause us stress and unhappiness.

At 12 Rounds Boxing we like to get our members into consistent training programmes that they love so much they want to keep them up all year round.   We believe that fitness and getting into shape should be fun and not a chore!   We also focus a lot on mindset as well as training.  The reason being, we all know what we need to do, drink less and eat less and move more. But the problem is in getting ourself to do it right?  And especially getting ourself to see it through past January.

if you like the sound or our ethos and approach and want to get involved in a form of fitness that keeps you training past January, join us for our open day on Sat 26th.  Taster classes running all day alongside nutrition and mindset seminar.  Come and meet the team and learn how to stay motivated to go the distance.  We believe fitness is for life not just January!

Stay tuned for details and how to sign up 🙂

Here’s to feeling your best in 2019 


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