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We know it’s not an easy time to be a young woman.  Teenage years are difficult enough yet today’s girls have had to navigate their way through 2 years of Covid and all the modern pressures of Social Media along with developing into a young woman.

We know that boxing is fantastic for developing confidence.  Seeing improvements in both fitness and technique leads to a sense of self achievement.  It’s also a great way to get girls to connect to their bodies and take them ‘out of their head’ during the training.  Not to mention the positive effects it has on reducing stress and anxiety.  At 12 Rounds we believe everyone should box!

The programme combines physical boxing lessons with a series of mindset modules to assist the girls work on their most powerful relationship – the one with themselves.  Getting clear on who they are and their own beliefs is key to building self confidence.

Confidence, just like boxing technique, is a skill that can be learned through practice and each week the course will explore different mindset practices that can be used to build confidence. 

Each session the girls will build on their boxing technique and fitness.  Seeing the progression and committing to attending regularly builds confidence in itself. each session will conclude with an informal group discussion on the modules below which work on understanding and training the brain to develop the mindset of a fighter. 

Course outline 

Week 1 – What will you fight for? 

An exploration of personal values that make you who you are and understanding what you stand for.  Knowing what is important to you and why is a powerful way of becoming self assured. 

Week 2 – Trust your guard 

In boxing your guard is what keeps you safe.   Without it you are likely to get punched in the face.

In life ‘your guard’ can be translated to setting personal boundaries, eg what’s ok and what’s not ok for you.  Being clear on this means you are less likely to be swayed by external pressures and you can stay true to yourself.  

Week 3 – the battle with your brain.  

Week 3 provides an understanding of basic neuroscience and explores threat reactions (fight/flight/freeze) Recognise when you are reacting and how to calm yourself and move back in to human brain where you can choose to respond. 

Week 4 – Staying off the punchline 

Developing self awareness of the things that cause stress and anxiety.  Understanding that each emotion has an ‘recipe’ and how we can empower ourselves by choosing the recipes we want and avoiding often the ones we don’t want. 

Week 5 – When you are up against the ropes. 

With the best will in the world, life is still going to throw us punches we don’t see coming. 

Just like a boxer we can find ourselves ‘up against the ropes’ 

This module introduces breathing techniques to calm anxiety and change our brain set – moving out of our sympathetic fight or flight nervous system and bringing us back to a place of calm where we can plan our next move.  

Week 6 – Plan your attack.  What do need to have in place to be the most confident version of yourself? 

Recap of guard and emotional recipes 

Who’s in your corner? Where can you find support? 

Why you need to shadow box – understanding that knowing these techniques isn’t enough to bring about change.  Just like a boxer shadow boxes  his/her combinations – you need to practice confidence skills daily. 


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The next 6 week course takes place 10th November

Classes run 5.30pm -6.45pm on Wednesday evenings 

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