Going cold turkey

Going cold turkey

Its day two of my 28 day get back into my jeans plan.

I’ve gone cold turkey. No alcohol, no sugar, wheat or processed food.

I’m actually glad. I’m ready for it now. I’ve actually sickened myself of eating crap food and my body is craving the healthy stuff.

The hardest thing is going to be staying off those afternoon hot chocolates and lattes that have been sneaking in now it’s cold!

But the measurements have been done and all those afternoon treats have been adding up. Since the summer I’ve put on 1-2 inches on my waist, tummy and hips! In fact the only thing that hasn’t increased is my arms. Must be all that boxing!

So time to take those inches off. No more cheating and lying to myself.

Here’s my food plan for the week if anyone wants to join me


breakfast: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Lunch: chicken breast and Greek salad

Dinner: chicken breast and broccoli


Breakfast: Chicken broth

Lunch: spinach, onion and feta frittata

Dinner: homemade burgers sweet potato wedges and salad


Breakfast: spinach, onion and feta frittata

Lunch: left over burgers and wedges

Dinner: beef and veg chilli


Breakfast: Protein smoothie

Scrambled eggs and tomatoes

Lunch: left over chilli

Dinner: turkey curry


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: leftover turkey curry

Dinner: salmon steak broccoli and spinach

Sat – my favourite day

cheat day!

Roll on Sat!

I will post Saturdays diary too, just to keep me honest!

Kat (no more cheating) Bryson


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