How NOT to become an obesity statistic

How NOT to become an obesity statistic

The other day I had a late start. I was in my living room with morning TV on in background as I
planned my day.

I’m not sure what was on, Good Morning Britain I think – I wasn’t paying full attention.

Then I heard the headline.
It is predicted that half of the world’s population will be obese by 2035.
It made really made me think.
Is this how bad our convenience lifestyle has become?

I mean, there are gyms opening on every corner so how can this be possible?
I believe it comes down to the following:

 Poor nutrition – grabbing high calorie and low nutrition foods on the go.
 Convenience culture – we can have even a loaf of bread delivered. There’s very little we
must leave the house for these days if we don’t want to.
 Screen time – we spend so much time looking at our phones instead of moving. We watch
other people moving on Instagram, yet it seems to do very little to inspire us to move

This is worrying. Not only is if impacting on our physical health but think about the effects on mental
health too.

Point 1.

The food we eat has an impact on both physical and mental health. We’ve all experienced the sugar
rush and then the crash from highly processed food. The lack of nutrients impacts on our gut health
which then impacts on our serotonin levels – meaning we have less happy hormones.

Point 2.

I don’t need to say much about sedentary lifestyles. It’s pretty obvious how lack of fresh air and
movement makes us feel. If we want to feel good, it’s essential to move our bodies.

Point 3.

Screen time. Yes, it is addictive. We get a dopamine hit whenever we scroll and get likes and
notifications. But it’s not real. It’s short lived and is likely to leave us disconnected and unfulfilled.
As humans we need real connection just like we need oxygen.

In my mind the solution is simple, it just takes a bit of self-awareness and discipline.
Step 1. – grab an apple
Step 2 – get yourself booked in for a class at 12 Rounds where you’ll get movement AND real
connection. Walk there if you can.
Step 3. Leave your phone at home.
Do those 3 things and you and you are guaranteed to feel good. And avoid becoming an obesity
If you need help to get into a consistent exercise routine, we have a new batch of courses and
classes starting post Easter.
Time to stop scrolling and start doing folks!



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