I have 2 cakes leftover from the weekend in my kitchen at the moment. All being……reasonably healthy cakes, no gluten, flour (I got the spelling right!) or sugar. But still cake, rich, calorie dense cake.

Do you think I can walk past them without having a bit? I have zero will power. I can’t have treats in the house. If I know they are there I will scoff them!

So I’m binning the rest of the cake.

That’s your tip for the day. Go through your cupboards and bin all the crap.

I mean it. Biscuits cakes, cereal bars (even worse!) you’ll only be tempered to eat them. And don’t give them away to your friend/neighbour, unless you want to make them fat? That stuff is crap and bad for you, throw it away!

Parents I know you might find this one tough. I mean who hasn’t been eating the kids Halloween goodies? Try putting the kids treats in a lockable box or better still get the kids to count them, they will keep you right if any go missing……

On the run up to Christmas this is when we tend to fall off the wagon. Tomorrow I’ll tell you the story of how I got fat last December…….

and I’ll be putting together a 28 day nutrition group programme to keep you all on the straight and narrow on the run up to party season…..more about that tomorrow too.


Kat (I didn’t eat the cake honest) Bryson