Kids Boxing at 12 Rounds provides kids with boxing and fitness training in a fun and supportive social environment.

Both term time courses and holiday camps are available for 6-10 year olds and 11-15 year old age groups.

Term time courses


Over the course, kids will learn how to wrap their hands and stand correctly to footwork, punches, punch combinations and defence. Along with improving fitness strength and mobility, boxing is also renowned for teaching kids discipline and focus. It is also a fantastic way to help them burn off all that excess energy!

The course takes a fun and supportive approach to boxing and is non contact. Technique is practiced on bags only and glove to glove only.  Sparring is only permitted in advanced courses with parental permission.


Suitable for children that have completed our beginners programme of have outside boxing experience.

12 week programme is run over term time and progresses kids boxing technique to including defence work and countering, advanced footwork and drills.   Programme finishes with end of term show where parents and friends are invited to watch them demonstrate their skills.

Class times

6-10 year olds 

Beginners – Thursday 5pm – 5.50pm 

Experienced – Wednesday 5pm -5.50pm 

11-15 year olds 

Beginners – Tuesday 5pm – 5.50pm

Experienced – Mondays 5pm – 5.50pm and Fridays 5pm – 5.50pm  

Summer term courses start  week of 17th April and cost  £175 for 13 weeks (pro rata payment available if starting midway through a course)   Kids are given a set of hand wraps but are required to purchase their own gloves (available from our online store) 

A taster sessions is available to try a class before signing up to the course. This MUST BE BOOKED THROUGH LINK BELOW (there is a £5 charge)  Following the taster the coach will assess your child and advise of the correct class and answer any further questions.

Private 1-1 or group sessions are also available for all age groups

For more information on our kids boxing classes scroll down to read our FAQ’s

Holiday Camps

During school holiday we run intensive week long camps.  Holiday camps give kids a deep dive approach into boxing and fitness.  Sessions run daily.  Along with teaching boxing technique, they provide a fun fitness experience with games and drills.  Snacks and drinks are provided.  

Sessions are split into 2 age groups

6-10 year olds and 11 – 15 year olds 

Our next holiday camp runs 24th – 28th July 

Session times 10.30am – 1pm 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get asked about our kids boxing programme and the links to book onto the correct course.

If you have further questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact the team through our contact form

Q1. When do classes run?

Our kids classes run throughout term time on the following days/times

6 to 10 years, Beginners : Thursday 5pm-5.50pm 

6 to 10 Experienced:  Wednesday 5pm-5.50pm 

11 to 15 years, Beginners: Tuesday 5pm-5.50pm 

11 to 15 years, Experienced: Mondays 5pm-5.50pm and Fridays 5pm-5.50pm

Q2.  How can I book a place?

  1. By following the link below and choosing the course option you require.  All profile contact details must be completed along with waiver form and health questionnaire before your child attend the first session.  Please complete sign up in the child’s name not parents. 


Q3. Do you offer drop in classes?

A.  No, we run courses only so children can progress their skills

Q4.  Will my child get hurt?

A There is no contact at any of our sessions.  Sparring only takes place in the advanced class with parental consent. 

Q5. Do you supply gloves?

A No, following Covid regulations we are unable to lend gloves out. You must buy your own gloves prior to starting the course.

We have a supply of branded 12 Rounds Boxing gloves available at our online store 

You can also buy online from Amazon, Sports Direct, Geezers Boxing and other boxing/fitness outlets.

Q6. My child is booked on ____ course but we are away for a week and will miss a session can we make it up on another course?

A No, unfortunately we cannot offer make up sessions as each course only has a set number of spaces

Q7. My child is a beginner but he wants to come with his friend who is in intermediate class, is that ok?

A No, sessions are tailored to each level of experience. Children must come to the course suited to their experience level.

Q8.  What do we need to bring? 

Children should come ready in gym gear and should bring wraps, gloves and bottle of water.   Hand wraps are provided on beginners course.  If they are lost or forgotten replacements can be purchased at our online store through your team up account. .

Q9.  Can I wait in the gym while my child is in class? 

A No, unfortunately due to Covid safety regulations we are unable to allow parents to wait in the gym.

Q10.  What safety measures have you taken around Covid 19?

A We have followed all government guidance around gym safety.  Social distancing is followed throughout the gym. Our class sizes have been reduced to 100 sq ft per person, Class times have been set to avoid volume of customers in gym and we have a one-way system to avoid any crossover.   We have an increased cleaning schedule, no sharing of equipment and bags are wiped down instructors in between classes. Hand sanitising stations are provided. 

Q11.  My child is 15, can he/she join the adult classes?

A No, unfortunately due to child safety legislation children under 16’s must have separate toilets and changing facilities from adults.

Q.12. What happens after the course has been completed?

A.  Following completion of beginners children can continue training and progressing their skills in our intermediate classes. 

Q13.  Do you offer personal training for children?

A. Yes, our coaches are available to for 1-1 sessions.  Sessions start at £65 for a single session.  Price is reduced when you book a block.  Blocks can be purchased on our team up booking system.  See link below.