Kids Boxing

Kids Boxing at 12 Rounds provides kids with an introduction to boxing and fitness training in a fun and social environment

Over the 12 sessions kids will learn how to wrap their hands and stand correctly to footwork, punches, punch combinations and defence. Along with improving fitness strength and mobility, boxing is also renowned for teaching kids discipline and focus. It is also a fantastic way to help them burn off all that excess energy!

The course takes a fun and supportive approach to boxing and is non contact at beginner level. Sparring is introduced at level 3 with parental consent only.

The course is priced at £150 per term (12 sessions) and includes handwraps and t-shirt

2 age groups: 7-10 year olds Thursdays 5-6pm, 11-15 year olds Thursdays 6-7pm

 Private 1-1 or group sessions are also available.

Contact us here to find out more and book your child in for a free taster session

Next Kids Programme starts 16th September and runs to December 2019

Places available for Thursday beginners courses.  Contact us below to book your child’s space