Lacking Motivation?

Lacking Motivation?

I’ve had lots of emails from people agreeing that they’ve been lacking motivation as the winter nights come in.

Once you lose your routine, it’s always harder to get back into it.

We all do it, lie to ourselves saying we’ll start again next week. Then come up with a million excuses why we didn’t do anything about it.

We tell ourselves we’re too tired, forgetting that training will actually give us more energy, help us combat stress, lower blood pressure, the list is endless. We forget that exercise just makes us feel better.

We’re too busy. Really? You had time to watch Eastenders….

I can’t get away from work. With all the extra energy training will give you, you could get in an hour early tomorrow and actually be more productive…..

But don’t listen to me.

Hear it instead from the horses mouth. This is a fb post from my old PT client and good friend Emma about letting her Muay Thai training slide…

‘when am I ever going to learn that when I’m stressed anxious or depressed I need to prioritise exercise. I repeat the same pattern at least every 6 months and every time I finally manage to drag my very sorry arse (and brand new muffin top) back to Muay Thai I wonder why I waited so long’

Enough said. Don’t leave it till January!

Look forward to seeing a busy turnout at classes this week 🙂


Kat (no more excuses) Bryson


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