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Box and Balance is an 12 week programme for women who struggle to slow down and make time for themselves and get consistent with exercise and self care.

Balance is a key element of boxing.  As a boxer without a strong stance and goo balance we are vulnerable to attack and have no power behind  our punches.

Life is exactly the same.  When we are out of balance and ‘over doing it’ in many areas and fail to give ourselves what we need we lose our power and life becomes a struggle.  We may become overly stressed, suffer anxiety, low mood and struggle to shift excess weight.   This is due to the nervous system becoming sympathetic dominant, meaning we are running in fight or flight mode.  A bit focus of Box and Balance is balancing the nervous system and activating the parasympathetic side (which promotes rest and recovery)

Understanding ourselves and giving ourself exactly what we need is key to showing up as our best self.

Programme consists of:

3 x weekly training sessions combining boxing, weight training, mobility and yoga

Online mindset programme consisting of weekly email and video providing theme and focus for the week

This programme is focussed on training your brain as well as your body.  Not only should you expect to see physical changes, you will also lose old beliefs, habits and behaviours that have been keeping you stuck.

We know that exercise is only 1 component of a healthy lifestyle and if you want to see lasting changes you have to manage your diet and lifestyle too.

For many of us women, we are stuck in ‘busy’ mode often tending to the needs of everyone else and neglecting our own needs

We know that exercise makes us feel better but often can’t seem to find the time or motivation to do it

We know WHAT we need to do so WHY is it so hard to get ourselves to do it?

It’s all comes down to our BRAIN.  Often our current habits are a result of previous conditioning and are our brains go to pattern to feel safe.  eg when we feel stressed we reach for the cookies.  This is normal, we’ve been conditioned since we were kids that sugar is comfort.  What we need to do is rewire new patterns AND get ourself OFF THE PUNCHLINE – meaning understand our triggers and avoid feeling stressed in the first place.

It’s simple but not always easy and it takes work and LOTS of reinforcement.  Think of it like SHADOW BOXING – you haven’t to repeat those combinations daily in order for them to become automatic in the ring.  Changing habits is exactly the same.

This is for you IF:

This is NOT for you if:


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The training part:

You’ll train 3 x a week focussing on a combination of strength training, HIT and stretching.   Over the 6 weeks I will take you through a programme designed to burn body fat without taxing the nervous system.   The programme will also include weekly walks and breathing exercises to be done in your own time.

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Online Mindset  – Over 12 modules which are delivered through weekly email and video, you will learn:

To read the breakdown of each module – hit the link here

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I joined Kat’s programme in large part to mark the time of Lockdown #3 and to create a sense of focus and community in these isolating and repetitive days. What I get out of the programme, however, is so much more. It is not just an exercise programme. Kat carefully matches the physical challenge she sets for us in each session with a larger, often more nuanced, set of mental and emotional questions and strategies. For me, the two most valuable gems are how exercise and deep breathing can alter mood for the better and to recognize the language we use about ourselves and to ourselves. Life is difficult enough, more so in these Covid restricted times, so our continual unkindness towards and about ourselves only adds to the struggle. Learning to release ourselves from this style of thinking has been a great gift. Best of all, being part of a group means I not only feel compelled to attend but really look forward to each new session, the chance to see my new friends, if only on line, and be a little part of their day. This programme is such a treat. Thank you Kat.

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“I struggle with putting myself first, or should I say, doing things that nourish and support good health, and when I am stressed, this intensifies. During the pandemic, working from home has been incredibly stressful – sitting at a laptop for 10-12 hours a day and constantly being on screen, particularly with hair salons being closed the majority of the time, has meant I’ve felt stressed the majority of the time. I live alone which has also meant it has been easier to be ‘unkind’ to myself.

“This isn’t anything new really – but doing the programme has really cemented it in my mind because I actually felt the difference. Doing the workouts and the relaxation and breathing at the end has really lifted how I feel – physically and mentally. In some ways, having a quieter life at the moment because of the pandemic has meant more time to think and acknowledge how I talk to myself (you know – that inner bitch that gives you a hard time!), what I am actually thinking about and how I feel. Taking that moment to sit with my emotions.

“I really enjoyed getting to know the others in the group, swapping recipes and ideas for healthy snacks. I’ve started to put together a meal plan and doing my shopping and prepping. For me, eating unhealthily is largely because I’ve gone too long without eating – I am hangry – and I have prepared anything or have anything healthy to eat in my ‘frig. It’s easier to make healthy choices when you’ve got healthy food in the kitchen.”

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Programme starts Mon 18th January