Kat is the owner of 12 Rounds Boxing.  After re-training as a personal trainer back in 2009, Kat started 12 Rounds with outdoor boxing bootcamps on Clapham Common.  These days the majority of Kat’s time is taken up managing 12 Rounds and also with mummy duties to her young daughter.  She does however, still teach occasional classes, 1-1s and run regular women’s workshops and events.    

Kat is particularly passionate about training women and introducing them to all the wonderful the benefits of boxing.  Kat believes that boxing is not only the most effective and most enjoyable workout around, it is also an amazing way to manage stress and promote positive mental health.   

Kat’s Box and Balance workshops are focussed on teaching women better way to manage stress.  Through her own experience of dealing with stress and anxiety, Kat developed strategies to manage stress better.  These include using physical boxing to release stress and also strategies to manage the mental load placed on women. Recently she’s even become a convert of yoga and uses yin yoga and breath work within her sessions to promote rest and recovery.   See the 12 Rounds Timetable for monthly workshop dates.  If you are interested in working with Kat 1-1, hit the link below and complete the form detailing your training needs/goals.  

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