Meet our Boxing Family – Introducing Ian

Meet our Boxing Family – Introducing Ian

What kind of person rocks up and signs themselves up to a fight with no prior experience?

Ian Geddes was just walking through Clapham Junction and discovered 12 Rounds.  Before he knew it he’d signed up for Boxing Fundamentals – as a stop gap before completing our fight skool programme

So what was his motivation?

Ian needed a new training goal.  He’d always been into fitness and had been going to the gym 5 x a week but with no real goal or challenge involved.  He wanted to do something different and he’d done a little bit of martial arts so when we came across 12 Rounds he thought yeah ‘why not boxing?’

And what an experience it’s been.  When we talk about the challenges of the training Ian goes straight to self belief. He talks about knowing he could do it from a fitness perspective but he had to over-coming the self doubt and his inner voice that told him ‘you can’t do this’

And he bloody well did do it!  and put on an amazing performance with a tough opponent.   Being fighter is all about being able to take yourself to the trenches and pull find that energy from nowhere.  It’s about pushing through when your body wants to give up.  Ian truly showed his fighters heart in this bought, earning himself the title of ‘most determined fighter’ in our fight skool awards.

Over coming that mental battle is possibly the hardest part of the journey.  That’s why we teach our fighters about mindset and how to prepare mentally for the journey as part of our programme.  We look at developing an awareness of what that inner dialogue is saying to you and how it leads you to take action – or not.  And how to reframe any negatives thoughts and languages and develop the skills of self belief

Something we’ve learned from our previous participants is that this is not just something that will make you physically stronger and fitter and get you that 6 pack.  You will complete this programme as a stronger and more confident person.  You will walk taller, you will handle difficult situations better.  You will go after more of your goals knowing YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO

That’s exactly how Ian summarised his experience ‘It’s something to overcome and show yourself what you can do when you focus your mind on it

Watch Ian’s full post fight interview here

Ready to go back to skool?

Our next programme is already half full.  Intake days are running for the first 2 weeks of August.  If you’re ready to step up to the challenge complete our application form at the link below

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