Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine

This morning I sat down to write a motivating email to our members and I have to say I really struggled.

With lockdown continuing and no end date in sight, it’s definitely been starting to get to me.

How can motivate my team, my boxing family when I can’t motivate myself I thought?

I knew what I had to do, I had to do a workout to sort out my head.

I really didn’t want to this morning, it was cold and I felt tired.

But one thing I do know for sure is that this works.

So I started swinging a kettlebell in my back garden and put together a circuit.  After the first round my energy started to lift.  That dark cloud sitting over my head seemed to just lighten.

And then the message became clear.

Movement really is medicine.   I’ve spoke about it for years in how it literally switches your brain set.

We need this medicine more now than ever to stay upbeat.

If you are feeling frustrated, sad, angry, overwhelmed – do a workout.  It will rest your brain and help you find a focus.

And if that’s all you do today, that’s ok.  it’s so hard to plan anything right now so just stay in the present moment and take things day to day.

It’s now Feb which means winter on way out and spring is coming 🙂 it’s getting that little bit lighter in the mornings and evenings so slightly more encouraging to get outside for walks and workouts.

I hope you are all coping ok.  I’m sure we are all having these fed up days.  Just get moving as much as you can and hit that re-set button.



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