My come back fight

My come back fight

19989468_10155382838760351_3460528491739758059_nOn Sunday 23rd I will be stepping back into the ring for first time in about 4 years

I didn’t think I would fight again

Anyone who knows me will know last year I went through a pretty rough time
I thought I was completely beaten. When my marriage collapsed my whole world fell apart. I was broken, scared, anxious and lower than I’ve ever been. At one point I weighed just 55kg the lowest I’ve ever been in my life and I did not look good!

You could say life had knocked me down.

It’s taken me the last year to put my life back together. The love and support of my friends and family got me through those dark days and have really helped me get my life back on track

And I got a new love. I fell in love with boxing again. For a while I’d lost my passion for it. I wanted to move on to other things. But it’s been the boxing that’s really helped me rebuild my confidence. Seeing my fitness and technique improve week by week. Getting through those tough sessions when I didn’t think I could and ending on a high

The last 10 weeks have been an amazing physical and mental journey for me. I’ve gone from feelings of self doubt to feeling unstoppable. The journey has given me a focus, inspiration and feelings of confidence and inner strength that I had completely lost. Doing this fight is about proving to myself that I’m far from beaten. In fact I believe getting a knock down just makes you come back stronger. And I wanted to step up and lead my team, go through the journey with them

This is my fight for anyone who’s ever felt that life has knocked them down. We all get knocked down sometimes.

This is about getting back up.

I’d absolutely love you to come along and support me on 23rd July. Show starts at 5pm at Clapham Grand

Tickets £25 available from 12 Rounds Boxing

I promise to put on a show :)


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