Meet our Members….

Meet our Members….


At 12 Rounds we like to reward our members for their hard work. And who doesn’t like a bit of recognition? Chris Coss has had plenty of that at 12 Rounds. Winning his first fight last year and now our member of the month. I have embarrassed him on many occasions lol

Like most people, when Chris first walked into a boxing gym he felt incredibly intimidated (it wasn’t 12 Rounds btw) He was fed up paying for gym memberships he didn’t actually use and had always had an interest in boxing so thought he’d give it a go. His first session resulted in him being sick in the bin. Yep boxing training is tough

Fast forward a few years and Chris found 12 Rounds and became a loyal family member. Chis said what he loves about training at 12 Round is the support and the level of personal attention you get. You feel valued and people really make the effort. Everyone has time for you. If you ask a question, the trainers will stop what they are doing to answer you. It feels like a very inclusive learning environment for all levels’

Watch Chris’s full video our Youtube chanel here

And that’s exactly what we strive for at 12 Rounds. We believe that when people feel safe and connected, it puts them in the right mindset to learn and develop. Not just in terms of fitness but in confidence too. We love seeing our members progress. There is nothing more rewarding than watching someone grow from being a shy beginner, to confidently walking into the boxing ring and taking on a fight

We thought Chris was well deserving of our member of the month.  After witnessing him stay for 3 sessions in a row one night, I thought that he deserved some recognition

Well done Chris!   Chris wins a PT session with a trainer of his choice!

If you like Chris’s story and want to find out for yourself how boxing will make you better too, email and come down for a free taster session.  We promise not to make you sick in the bin!


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