The Queen of Over-training….

The Queen of Over-training….

Been a while since I last posted a blog, I’ve been so busy running sessions in the gym I’ve had no time to come up with any entertaining stories (or education posts :)

It’s been two months since we opened the gym now and we are happy to say that the 12 Rounds family is growing! We want to thank all our members for their continued support and welcome in all the new faces who have joined us lately. The 12 Rounds gym was a dream for us for a long time and it’s through you’re support that we’ve made it into a reality!

And we have been getting busy! Members, bear with us over Easter.  We will be updating the timetable soon and introducing more classes.  If there are times/classes you want to see on please let me know. We’ll be running a limited timetable over the bank holiday weekend which will include some out door classes. All other classes will run as normal.

Also due to the demand, we will be increasing our prices after Easter so if you or any friends are swithering about joining up, nows the time to do so to take advantage of our unlimited offer.

Now for a bit of education!

Members, it’s great that you love the classes so much but we’ve noticed that some of you are training without any structure or adequate rest.  This is actually counterproductive to getting results.  A lot of us (me included) have been conditioned to believe that if we are not literally beasted ourselves into the ground during the session then we haven’t trained hard enough.

Believe me I used to be known as ‘the queen of overtraining’.  The other trainers would laugh at me in the gym as I tried to get in as many training session as physically possible! I’d even be joining in with the burpees while teaching a class (even though I’d done my own training earlier that day)

Did I look amazing from all the extra training?

No! I looked exactly the same or possibly bigger.  (Its actually known as fat aerobics instructors syndrone in the industry) Trainers who do up to 30 classes a week but still can’t shed the body fat!


Because training MORE is not the way to generate results.

The key is to train SMARTER

Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle of even just improve your performance, the changes your looking for happen in the RECOVERY phrase NOT during training.  Exercise is simply a stimulus for the body to respond and adapt to.  It’s during the recovery phrase we burn fat and grow muscle tissue.  And if you’re looking to see improvements to your technique the brain needs recovery too in order to reboot itself and develop the correct neural pathways.

If you train consistently without adequate recovery all you are doing is keeping your cortisol levels high which will actually prevent you from burning fat.  All you will achieve is fatigue and most likely injury!

So forget about the QUANTITY of your training sessions and instead think about the QUALITY.  You will see much more progression from 3 good quality sessions a week where you are able to give 100% than 6 mediocre ones where you gave 50-60% because you were still so fatigued from your last session!

Training smarter means sticking to a structured training programme and ensuring your body gets the right rest and nutrition.

That’s why the girls on my new 21 day kick start programme are kicking ass and getting amazing results.  Instead of training more some of them are actually training LESS and still dropping inches.  They are following a structured programme combining boxing training AND weight training.  With rest days in between.  And they’ve cleaned up their diet, which is the most important thing.  (I’ll be running this again in May, if you’re interested in joining email me asap as only 6 places available)

Because if you’re spending all your time training, you have no time for food prep right? So not only are you unlikely to eating the correct mix of nutrients to fuel your body and convince it to burn fat!

For those of you who really want to see a difference to your physique we’ll be offering further programmes like this on the run up to summer.  Look out for our ‘make the weight’ programme (based on a boxers pre fight and nutrition) details coming soon.

These days you’re more likely to see me stretching in between sessions than doing burpees.  And I feel a whole lot better for it :)

Kat (learned the hard way) Bryson





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