Self Care Practice to Stay off the Punchline

Self Care Practice to Stay off the Punchline

Self care is a bit of a buzz word these days. It’s great that we’ve finally recognised that we need to look after ourself but what exactly does self care look like and why do we need it?

I believe it’s completely individual. For some people getting in a weekly exercise class or massage it a walk in the park is enough to keep them on form. I am in awe of these people.   On the other side of the spectrum there are people like me. I need massive amounts of rest, regular exercise and lots of time to recharge just to survive the week ahead. Late nights, alcohol and too much people time really take it out me and will completely throw me off balance. Before I know it my mental health starts to slip and anxiety sets in. I become over- sensitive and reactive. Relationships suffer, work suffers. Everything seems hard.

Yet if I just take the time to care for me I can remain strong and avoid those feelings of overwhelm and burn out. I know this and I know what to do but I still get caught out sometimes. When my energy is good I think I can take on the world. I say yes to everything. I forget that I need my downtime to recharge.

Any of this sound familiar?

Understanding and practicing self care is makes us stronger and more able to deal with life’s punches. But if we know this, why can’t we just get ourselves to do it?

Often it’s linked to guilt. Many of us feel guilty for taking even an hour for ourselves . Our self worth is so tied up in always ‘doing’ and achieving.

And sometimes it’s just down to the fact that we haven’t mastered the skill yet. Everything in life – even slowing down, is a skill that can be learned. You just need to set aside time to practice.

  • Practice letting go and releasing your stress (on the punchbag)
  • Practice just being rather than always doing
  • Practising restoring your energy
  • practice taking time for yourself

That’s exactly what we’ll be working on in my next ‘Punch it Out’ workshop. I’ll be teaching a group of ladies exactly how to put in place self care practices to avoid patterns of stress and overwhelm and stay strong and focussed.

If you know anyone who needs this you can book them a space here

Or give yourself the gift of some me time this December



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