Strength Training for fat loss

Strength Training for fat loss

‘I don’t want to do weight training as it will make me bulk up’  This is a common misconception I hear all the time from female PT clients.  Ladies, you will not get bigger lifting weights!  Increasing muscle tissue is extremely hard work and requires a lot of testosterone, a carefully structured training programme and huge amounts of protein and rest.  So ladies unless you’re dedicated to eating 12 eggs for breakfast and spending most of your life in the gym, you’re pretty safe!

Lifting weights will not make you bulky, it will turn your body into a fat burning machine! This is due to the endocrine response caused by strength training.  In plain English, lifting weights causes your body to release the hormones that encourage our bodies to burn fat!

Here’s a picture of my PT client Lindsay deadlifting 75kg (one and a half times her bodyweight!) Not an ounce of bulkiness or fat in sight!


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