Surviving Men’s Health Survivial

Surviving Men’s Health Survivial

rat race after the wall


I have now found a new way to celebrate birthdays.

Who would have thought running through mud, icy water and climbing ridiculously high walls could be so much fun!

This so beats getting hammered and threatening to be sick on my presents or falling out with my mate and having a screaming match on the bus…(previous birthday stories I will save for another day….)

Well done to everyone who took part in the race on Sat and especially to Harvey who came 3rd in our wave! I can’t wait to see the photos of us all on that 10ft wall (particularly the one of Caroline giving her poor supportive husband the finger as he encouraged her to smile for the camera…has to be my favorite story of the night…..)

What really made it was the camaraderie and everyone helping each other through the obstacles. No way I could have managed some of those walls on my own!

After the event all I heard were requests of when can we do the next one? (which must sound really weird to all the normal people out there!)

So I’m on the lookout for a challenge for Feb next year. Email me if you have any ideas!

John’s challenge coming up next. It’s his big fight in Scotland this Friday. I know you will all be wishing him luck. After that we are booked into a spa hotel for massages, chill out time and sleep (please!!)

There’s my tip for today. Set aside some ‘me time’

Whether it’s a massage, a treatment or just a few hours in a coffee shop with the papers or a good book. So important for de-stressing.

I’m the worst for not doing this. Will need to tell John Bryson to confiscate my ipad next weekend or I will likely be writing an email from the massage bed….

Kat (I’m a workaholic) Bryson


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