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Strength Training for fat loss

‘I don’t want to do weight training as it will make me bulk up’  This is a common misconception I hear all the time from female PT clients.  Ladies, you will not get bigger lifting weights!  Increasing muscle tissue is extremely hard work and requires a lot of testosterone, a carefully structured training programme and huge amounts of protein and rest.  So ladies unless you’re dedicated to eating 12 eggs for breakfast and spending most of your life in the gym, you’re pretty safe!

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Kat helps Caprice stay in shape for the spotlight!

Kat has worked with celebrity model and business woman Caprice for the past 2 years.  Kat uses high intensity weight training to keep Caprice looking super tonned and fabulous.  Sessions last just 30 minutes however the intensity is kept high and the rest periods short to give Caprice a very effective all over workout.  The results speak for themselves!

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The truth about what really makes us fat

I know you’ve all heard me ranting on that fat doesn’t make you fat but it seems few of you actually believe me.   After everything you read in the media I suppose I can’t blame you if you find this hard to grasp.   But I want to let you in on a secret.  Those in control in government and media have been lying to you.  The ‘lipid theory’ which claims that saturated fat is the cause of weight gain and coronary heart disease is based on unfounded and out of date research.  The evidence is in front of your eyes.