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Are the stories you tell yourself keeping you fat?

Most of you probably think at 12 Rounds were all about hard training and restrictive diets but here’s a few thoughts I’ve been sharing with my clients recently.

Since entering the fitness industry I’ve changed my views so much on what’s important and what gets results. Most of us who want to lose weight want to do so because we want to be happy right? We’ve been told from the experts to train more and eat less. Yet for some us us it doesn’t matter how hard we train or how much we restrict out diets those numbers on the scales don’t move. And instead if moving towards our goal of happiness we end up miserable in the process. Frustrated and sad that we can’t achieve what we set out to. We tell ourselves stories that it must be something about us, we’re lazy, not working hard enough, have no will power or are greedy….

But what if it was these stories that was keeping us fat?

I get you, because I’ve told myself those stories too. Even as a personal trainer I always struggled with my weight. I had a picture in my head of how I thought a trainer should look like. I thought if I looked like a fitness model, if I had a six pack and below 15% body fat then I’d be more confident, I’d have more clients and my business would be more successful, ultimately I’d be happier. That was my story. So I really pushed myself to train hard, I consulted nutritionists and tried different diet plans. I tried to follow the rules. At one point I ate virtually no carbs and almost passed out during one of my high intensity boxing sessions. But the measurements didn’t change, I fact some weeks I’d actually got bigger. Seeing those numbers not change was so demotivating. I felt like a complete failure. Why did it work for everyone else and not me?

I knew there had to be something else as this just wasn’t working for me or so many others.

Now I truly believe that the key lies not in how hard we train or how little we eat but in brain science and how much threat we are under.

Let me explain. The more we push ourselves to do things we don’t want to do the more we push our brain into threat. Our brain thinks we’re in some kind of danger and we revert to our reptile brain that’s only concern is survival. It’s often the stories we tell ourselves that place us under threat.

How much threat we are under has a direct effect on our stress levels.

Our stress levels then have a direct impact on our hormones.

Our hormones have a direct impact on our body’s ability to burn fat.

So how we feel is so much more important than what we eat or how much we train.

Makes a lot of sense right? If we are constantly making our selves miserable with behaviours that don’t serve us, then all we are doing is telling our brain we are under threat.

Think about how you feel every time you step on the scales and those numbers don’t move. Is this how you want to feel? So why put yourself in that position and makes yourself miserable everyday?

Instead of doing something that makes you miserable and focussing on your goal, reverse the cycle and start with how you want to feel. Learn to love the journey, not just the results.

Do something everyday that moves you towards happiness and the results will take care of themselves 🙂

Something to think about…..


Kat xx

Weight Loss

Just breathe….

I'm a total stress head.  
Some of you will already know this about me. 
I actually stress about being stressed! Like many of us, 
I find it really hard to slow down and relax.  I hardly 
ever switch off.  
This means my sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive 
making it harder to lose weight.  
Now I know I'm not alone here. Most of you are probably 
stressed out right? How did your day start today? you 
rushed to get out the door for work, grabbed a coffee 
on the way and opened your laptop to 50 new emails you 
have no idea how to deal with.........or you maybe your
stressed out trying to get the kids out the door to 
school.  Ellie won't eat her breakfast, Ben doesn't want 
to go to school.  Your feeling knackered and it's only 9am.  
So here's what I want you to do today.  
Take 10 mins out, find somewhere quiet, sit down and just 
That's it.  
Allow yourself to do absolutely nothing for 10 mins. 
No checking emails or Facebook  (I'm going to 
struggle with this one) and breathe properly, 
from your diaphragm.  
I know some of you won't even know how to do this as 
most of us breathe from our chest which actually makes 
us more wired! Push your rib age down as you breathe in 
until you can see your stomach pushed out.  
If your like me and the thoughts will still be racing 
through your head.  Try and just observe them and let 
them go.  Don't try to resist.  Just 10 mins meditation 
can really help your energy levels.  
Now that was easy, wasn't it? 
Ok now here's the funny story.
I have no idea what I'm going to write to you for the 
next 30 days! 
But I figure that adding one new good habit a day will 
actually have a big impact on your overall health.
AND I've make a commitment to email though so you must 
keep me accountable.  If I can write an email everyday, 
you can manage one small change right? 
If I fail to send an email for the next 30 days, the 
fine is 30 burpees in class or you can decide the 
Until tomorrow....
Kat (I'm making it up as I go along) Bryson