Taking a back seat……

Taking a back seat……

Sitting in my front row VIP seat watching the fights on Sun night, I couldn’t help but feel a bit useless.

I’m used to being at the front of all the action.

Over the last few years I’ve gone from fighter to coach to overseeing the team.

Now at 8 months pregnant, I’m forced to take a step back and let the 12 Rounds Team run the show.

And what a show they put on.

I could not be more proud.  It’s not easy for any business owner to trust others with your baby.  I am so lucky to have an exceptional, loyal and hardworking team that believe in my business just as much as I do.

The DKM Sunday evening White Collar Show was dominated by 12 Rounds fighters.    Everyone of them demonstrated superb skill and composure under pressure. The results speak for themselves.

I believe that it all comes back to the leadership and dedication of the coaches.

There are a lot of White Collar programmes out there.  Some of them even let you train for free.

I truly believe that ours is far superior in terms of the experience you get.

Signing up for something like this is not something you take lightly.  It’s a huge commitment.  10 weeks of hard, focussed training.  Putting yourself in completely unknown territory.  You will most likely experience fear, doubt and exhaustion.

Why would anyone do this to themselves you might ask?

Well coming out the other end you will be a changed person.  The self growth, confidence and sense of achievement you will experience are second to none.  If you can handle this, you can do pretty much anything.

And did I mention the physique you’ll get?  Check out the weigh in pic above.   And this happens by default – because of the intense training and healthy regime, you will automatically change shape.

If you are up for the challenge we have an intake session this Sat 23rd Nov at 11am where we will be taking a new group through a sample fight skool session. You don’t need experience but what you do need is commitment and A LOT of heart.

Places for our January programme are already filling up.  In fact 6 out of the 16 spaces have already gone.

If you want in on or our January programme follow the steps below:

1.  Fill out the application at the link here

2.  Once we receive your application you’ll be invited to come to our intake day on Sat and get a feel for the training and coaching.

3.  If we think you’ve got what it takes we’ll invite you to book onto the January course.

4.  Turn up and train. Follow the coaches instructions and watch the magic happen as we transform you into a fighter.

This programme is likely to be full in the next 2 weeks so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about nows the time to jump onboard and start training.

In the words of Mohammed Ali:
‘The fight is won or lost far away from witness – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights’

Are you ready for for the journey of your life?


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