Train Like A Pro

Are you ready to take your boxing skills to the next level? Introducing our 8-week Train Like A
Pro Program designed to transform you into a formidable force in the ring. Developed by top-
level coaches and inspired by the training methods of elite fighters, this program will unlock your
true potential and equip you with the advanced techniques, strategies, and conditioning required
to dominate your opponents.

What's included

✅ Advanced Offensive Skills: Unleash lightning-fast punches with pinpoint accuracy and
devastating power. Master complex combinations, feints, and counters used by the pros.

✅ Impenetrable Defense: Become a defensive maestro with expert-level slips, rolls, blocks, and
parries. Counterpunch with precision while maintaining an unbreakable guard.

✅ Ring Generalship: Control the ring like a true champion. Learn how to cut off opponents, control distance, and dictate the pace of the fight.

✅ Supreme Conditioning: Build unstoppable endurance and explosive power through high-
intensity interval training (HIIT) and sport-specific conditioning drills. Push your mental and
physical limits to new heights.

✅ Tactical Brilliance: Analyze and adapt like a seasoned pro. Develop strategic game plans,
adapt to different fighting styles, and make split-second decisions in the heat of battle.

✅ Mental Toughness: Develop unwavering focus, resilience, and composure. Sharpen your
mind through visualization techniques and mental preparation for peak performance.

✅ Individualized Training: Receive personalized attention and tailored exercises to address
your specific strengths and weaknesses. Maximize your potential with targeted drills.

Who should Join?

This program is designed for experienced boxers, amateur fighters, and those with a solid foundation in boxing fundamentals. Whether you’re a competitive boxer looking to elevate your game or an enthusiast seeking to refine your skills, our Train Like A Pro Program is the ultimate
platform for growth and success.

Limited Slots Available:
To ensure the highest-quality training experience, we have limited slots available for this
exclusive program. Don’t miss your chance to train like a champion and join a community of
dedicated boxers striving for greatness.

As a special bonus, participants will have the opportunity to engage in strategic sparring
sessions, simulated fight scenarios alongside pro boxers, and receive expert feedback from our
experienced Pro coach Greg White. Plus, you’ll receive a comprehensive training manual and
resources to support your continued growth beyond the program.

Program Duration: 8 weeks

Location: 12 Rounds Boxing 

Investment: £385

How to Enroll:

To secure your spot in the Train Like A Pro Program, simply click the link and pay deposit to secure a space.