Wandering round Waitrose on a Sat night….

Wandering round Waitrose on a Sat night….

That’s where you can normally find me. 10pm on Sat night and I’m getting my food shopping. Infact not even 10pm cos I’m in bed by then. More like 8.


Exciting life I lead!


You see the thing is I’ve learned that if I don’t plan my meals for the week ahead and make sure I have food in the house then it’s too easy to slip up. Then it’s down the slippery slope to takeaways and convenience foods. And telling myself I’ll start again next week.


Eating properly is really important to me so I have to be prepared.


So here’s your task for today. Go food shopping and buy some REAL food.


I don’t care when (I’m sure most of you have other plans on a Sat evening) but at some point today get some food in. You can even order online if you really don’t want to go out….


In the supermarket STAY AWAY FROM THE CENTRE AISlES with canned food and cakes and biscuits. Anything with a long shelf life is generally not good for you!


Fresh food is usually found around the outside aisles. This is where you want to be.


Buy enough food to cook a few meals as your going to be cooking tomorrow!


My suggestions would be:

Whole chicken or other meat for roast

Veg and potatoes for roast

Either beef, lamb or turkey mince – your going to cook a meal for Mon too




Cherry tomatoes

Red onion

Sweet potatoes


Or you can choose your own recipes but they MUST be made with fresh ingredients


Happy shopping!


Kat ‘rocking it on a Sat night’ Bryson


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