It’s Wednesday and I’m grumpy again.
Now most of you Monday haters will be asking ‘what’s wrong with Wednesday? It’s halfway to the weekend….
My husband John and I train with our boxing coach at 7.30pm on Wed evenings. I HATE training in the evening. Its the only time our coach can see us so this is our slot.
This is how a typical Wed goes. I am grumpy + tired. I’m annoyed that I have to train tonight. I have a ton of admin work to do. I want to stay home, have a cup of tea + get it done.
But I don’t.
I drag myself to the gym. I hate letting people down you see + I have a weekly arrangement with my trainer (also if I bail out John had to work twice as hard!)
I step into the gym + everything annoys me, it’s too busy, too sweaty + coach is late. I am in the WORST mood ever!
An hour and a half later I walk out of the gym a different woman.
I feel lighter, and my mood has lifted. After an hour of hitting the pads my tension is gone and I’m even smiling. I know I’ve pushed myself + had a fantastic workout.
Had I stayed on the couch I would have beaten myself up for not training + probably even eaten a chocolate bar and felt even worse. Instead the endorphin’s are flowing.
That’s what boxing does for you.
It relieves stress + makes you feel good AND gives you one if the most effective workouts ever.
So even if you don’t feel like it, get yourself out there + along to a class. You will feel so much better for it. You’ll burn a hell of a lot of calories AND you may even have fun.
Check out our October timetable at www.12roundsboxing.co.uk/timetable
If you don’t believe me, hear from the members themselves.  See a class in action as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ-VQq16aTw