The end of summer always makes me a bit sad.

The cool air in the morning and the daylight hours getting shorter…… I think it reminds me of going back to school and trust me I was never excited about that. I never wanted the freedom of summer to come to an end. Did anyone else really hate all those ‘back to school’ adverts that used to start in July?

I still get that slight dread at this time of year that It’s back to the grind time.

What I do like about September though is the return of structure.

I love having a regular routine. I like setting goals and having a focus. I feel better about myself when I have a consistent exercise and work regime. Not easy to do over the summer months with holidays, weddings and all the other social events.

So even if it’s a bit sad that the frivolity and freedom has come to an end, I find that getting back into a routine is something to look forward to.

Routine is so important in creating good habits. Imagine you could condition yourself to workout the same way you brush your teeth? You don’t have to think about it, you just do it. I’m not saying it’s easy but you CAN do this. And once achieved you get not only the physical benefits of looking your best, but you feel really good about yourself too – as you’ve stuck to what you said you would do.

This is exactly what we aim to do with our boxing fundamentals course, help you create a routine and get into good habits. We make the sessions fun and structured meaning you are always learning. And because it’s a structured course you get into the habit of coming at set times and start to develop a consistent routine. Before you know it those times simply become your training days. You don’t have to think about it, it’s just what you do.

Course run every month, just contact us via our contact form to book in and try a free taster session.

You never know, you might just get hooked