What makes a good coach?

What makes a good coach?


Daniel teaching

On Saturday I was watching Daniel teaching his Fundamentals class and it made me think how lucky we are to have such an amazing coach on our team

Everyone absolutely adores him and I can see exactly why

He brings passion and purpose to every session. He loves boxing and he loves making people better 🙂

He makes each person feel valued and supported

He knows exactly how to balance pushing you hard enough but also encouraging and helping you get through those last reps

He helps people believe in themselves and do things they thought they couldn’t

Most importantly he makes people feel safe and connected

That’s his magic

You cannot teach that shit

I’ve seen so many other coaches that may have all the qualifications and experience in the world

But if you don’t feel good around them

If you don’t feel comfortable and WANT to be around them

If you don’t feel SAFE

You will never explore the possibilities of what you are capable of

You will never challenge yourself to reach new goals

You will never step out of your comfort zone

To me a good coach doesn’t need to have a load of letters after their name or even years of experience

A good coach is someone like Daniel, someone who delivers that special kind of magic 🙂

The rest of the team are pretty special too – more about them coming up soon

Kat x


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