Hey I’m Kat, owner of 12 Rounds Boxing. You’ll see me darting around the gym, checking in on how your sessions are going. I like to make sure everyone is progressing and feels like a valued part of our growing community. Along with managing things at 12 Rounds, I run a programme called Box to Believe which includes mindset coaching as well as boxing training.

My speciality is working with women who struggle with self worth and are stuck and fed up doing more but still not reaching their goals. I don’t just teach boxing and how to train your body, I help you do the inner work on shifting your identity to one of unshakeable self belief.
Through my blend of physical training and mindset coaching I help you to step in to a new version of themselves. One free from stress and self doubt and where you are able to slow down, relax and really value yourself and who you are

Women who work with me are generally high achievers. They’ve spent most of their life on the go, constantly doing more, hitting targets and pleasing others. During that process they’ve often forgot about themselves and what actually makes them happy. They’ve forgotten what it’s like to slow down and just be and even get nervous when they’re not getting that achievement fix. I know because I was that person!
Stress and anxiety become a habit. To the outside world, it might look like you’ve got it all but inside you lack confidence and doubt yourself daily. Life is a never ending cycle of trying to be better and living to please others.

My speciality is creating a safe and supportive environment for women to grow and start to value who they are. I use boxing as a tool which helps build not only a strong and powerful body but provides focus, and a sense of achievement which in turn are powerful in developing confidence and self esteem. When you know you can get through those tough rounds in the ring, you know you’ve got the resilience to get though what life throws you! I believe that boxing makes you better – in all areas of life. If you tune into the process of a boxers training regime and apply the same techniques to your mind, you’re on to a winning strategy

My approach is always fun and about making sure you enjoy the process . Change can be scary. It takes courage to get in the boxing ring. It also takes massive of courage to start something new and commit to a process of change. I believe that if you enjoy the journey, it’s so much easier to stay consistent and that’s what gets you results.

The physical training side of things releases endorphins and releases any stress.  it takes you out of your head and out of fear and puts you in the right part of your brain to do the mindset work. Then it seems like suddenly all the lights in the room have  been turned on. You start to become aware of all the behaviours and self talk that have been holding you back and feel a rush of power that you ready to change them. The support of the group makes everyone feel connected and less weird.  It turns out we all have the same fears and issues!

To join the programme you have to be committed and ready to do the work. I don’t do it for you. It’s always down to you to show up and do the tasks. I wont ask you to do anything you feel unsure or uncomfortable with. Don’t worry you won’t be getting in the ring and getting punched in the face (unless you’ve signed up for a fight!) You should never feel unsafe or unsupported at any time.  I provide tools, support and guidance in our group work sessions but its up you to apply them out-with the gym. Getting results is about consistently repeating positive behaviours. It doesn’t work to only do the work when your in the gym.

Each week you will practice both a boxing technique and a behaviour technique, you will also have tasks to do at home to develop daily habits. . Each week we will add something new. During the coaching side of things I’ll ask you questions, sometimes the same question in a lot of different ways. This helps you get clarity and encourages you to get deep and really think about things. We all have the answers we need already within us. This process just helps you to access them. That’s when breakthroughs happen.

By the end of the 12 weeks you can expect to not only be a competent boxer but also have an understanding of how your brain works, what’s been holding you back and understand how to change your behaviour to feel more relaxed, confident and clear on what you want and how to get it. You will have a tool box of techniques you can use to tackle anxiety, stress and feelings of negativity, instead switching on feelings of positivity and self assurance. You will also feel more connected to yourself and have a network of supportive women in your corner.

Ready to join the tribe?