What’s your priority?

What’s your priority?

shoulder tape

How often do you say to yourself I don’t have time?

This is not one of these posts where I’m going to tell you you need to make time

Here’s a different way to look at it. I can’t remember where I read this a few weeks ago but it really stuck with me

Every time you hear yourself saying ‘I don’t have time’ change these words to ‘it’s not a priority for me’

Just changing those words have really made me think about things differently

E.G. I’ve had shoulder pain for the last few years. I generally ignore it. Maybe go for a massage now and again. I really need to see a professional and put myself through a rehab programme

But week after week I tell myself I don’t have time

Or I can’t afford it (same thing goes – substitute this with it’s not a priority)

So what I’m really saying is looking after my body is not a priority for me

My body that is a tool to help me do my job

My body that helps me feel strong and powerful

My body that remains strong and powerful despite me not looking after it as well as I could

Those words change everything. Of course I believe in looking after myself – yet my actions have been saying otherwise.  The cold hard truth of the matter is I’m not valuing myself enough to make looking after myself my top priority

We all know what we would advise someone else to do.  If it was your friend, partner or family member of course you would tell them to make their health, fitness and happiness top priority

But when it comes to ourselves more often than not the message we send out is that we’re not that important

Changing those words have forced me to be honest with myself

How about you? How often do you hear yourself say ‘I don’t have time’?

‘I don’t have time to go to the gym’

Change it to ‘fitness is not a priority for me right now’

I don’t have time to eat healthy

Change to ‘my health is not a priority’
I don’t have time to do fun stuff with my partner

‘My relationship is not a priority’

Changing those words helps you tell the truth to yourself

And being honest with yourself is the first step to making changes

Kat x

So I made myself a priority and started the process of sorting my shoulders out last week.  Here’s a pic of me all taped up

Rehab exercises and regular treatments from now on!



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